Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote for Random

I have somehow arrived at a Tuesday with no pictures on my camera or phone to document what I have seen over the past week. Now I have to actually try to remember what's been going on. Maybe I can put links to other posts that have photos. My sleep timer is still out of whack, so the whole brain power thing leaves something to be desired. Let's see, we can start with the obvious-an election related tale...

My grandmother mentioned to me, on my last visit to her house, that she had been getting a lot of nonsense phonecalls. I told her we were as well, due to the election. When she asked me what election, I mentioned that there was one coming right up. She then commented on how it wasn't a big one or anything, just the annual, then looked at me for confirmation that we weren't electing a president or anything. When I told her it was, in fact, a presidential race year, she said she was surprised as they weren't making a big deal of it at all on tv...which is true if all of your shows are on TVLand or Nick-at-Nite.

The other night after dinner I asked my daughter to please go practice her violin. Her response was "I can't practice right after I eat!" I have no further comment on that, other than that I forgot about all cramping possibilities and made the same request again last night, and was met with the same response. Be careful out there orchestrateers!

I have noticed that there is just not any dark chocolate in our Halloween haul. Don't get me wrong, I just gave my dark chocolate right to my mother when I was a kid, so I guess that is my point. My children actually eat dark chocolate, but I actually tell myself it is health food. the illusion is not even remotely plausible with the Twix bars.

Remember when that lady emailed me suggesting I link to the bra page of the store she was representing? (It's here if you need to refresh your memory.) Well, yesterday she accidentally sent me an email intended for another blogger. She indicated that I had worked with her coworker and told me how swell notthenameofmyblog was. I sent a quick email back to alert her to her mistake. I am offended as she was offering a $50 gift card to be used as a giveaway on that blog, and all she was giving my awesometastic readers that other time was a 10% off code...so offended!

My husband invited me to attend an awards dinner with him this week. Once I got over my initial disappointment that he was the one receiving the award, as opposed to me, I decided I could go. He just called to let me know it is business casual. I had to remind him that people in the business world have no knowledge of what that actually means. To clarify, he said he could wear a sweater. I asked if he thought we should dress alike. I am wondering if I can get a bracelet to do the work for me again! Perhaps a more casual bracelet though, or this fabulous and versatile necklace/bracelet that my aunt knit for me (I knew I'd find at least one photo)...

Stacy got her power back, so stop by and visit!


  1. The part about your grandmother cracked me up. I'm sorry, I just kept picturing the aunt in Christmas Vacation - - the one who brought the cat wrapped up in a package, and put cat food in the jello! hahaha

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  3. Regarding Grandma and voting, as we reached the polling place, within walking distance from her home but I needed to drive us there, she stated that she forgot how the whole voting process went. I told her not to worry as they changed it, then she stated "oh no, I liked the way it use to be". Well needless to say that was the topic for the rest of the afternoon, she liked the old way, with the booths, better so why did they have to change it.

    1. Things are always better how we remember, or I guess don't remember, them!

  4. Oooh...that is a fancy necklace/bracelet/choker! Versatile!

    Christmas usually makes up for the dearth of dark chocolate at Halloween. That's where I get my biggest haul.

  5. I soooooo hear ya with the illusion of a Twix bar being healthy. Dang. And here I ate three today...:)

  6. So all I had to do was watch TV Land and Nick-at-Night to stop seeing all those political ads?

  7. As the mother of a violinist, your daughter is quite correct. There is a strict 30 minute no-practice rule after consuming foods (including dark chocolate). Tell her she can thank me by sending some Twix bars to Chicago.

    Congrats to your husband! You guys should have gone as the Huxtables. How fun would that have been!

    And WHY doesn't the knit necklace get its own post??? Such a waste of a comedic gem! Hell, that could've warranted its own BOOK!


  8. My 4 y/o nephew absolutely LOVES dark chocolate! I'm not sure where this trend came from considering neither his mother or father will touch the stuff. :)

    Love the pretty necklace!