Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Random strategy

Eeeek! So much to say, so few minutes to say it in today. I am sliding in late with the random this week. My brain is at full capacity, but I decided anything with more than one photo gets its own post. I don't know how or when, or whether any of them will be interesting, but please stay tuned just the same. Today is just about the random...

First, some flora...
I took this picture, just the other day, of my spring primose. I distinctly remember them dying back in May or June. I also remember being a bit lazy with my pruning once the hostas that live next door to these grew in. This is what was left behind when we pulled up the shriveled up hosta remnants that were apparently providing quite the protection from the elements.

Now some food...
Much appreciation going out to the waiter who assured my daughter he would protect her chicken parm leftovers from my stuffed mushrooms.

As best I can tell, these plastic holiday chocolate pop molds should be a $1.99 item. I saw nothing wrong with them, and they are in season...
...so the three cent "as is" discount had me baffled!
...at $14.99, these seemed a little pricy for a gag gift to congratulate my cousin on his recent engagement. However, they are also too creepy for anything but.

Lastly, I noticed signs like this hanging in each family member's room at my friend's house...
Since this is "serese bisnise" to the seven year old who made them, perhaps you could send her a message. I will print and deliver!

Stop by and wish Stacy well as she is still cleaning up after that lousy guest Sandy.


  1. Gorgeous flower! Who knew Hostas were protectors of beauty? :)

    That waiter deserved a big tip (you did tip big, right?) taking the time to protect your daughter's leftovers from yours was above and beyond the call of duty. ;)

    A whole whopping 3-cent discount - and an 'as is' one is definitely a head-scratcher.

    Can you imagine anyone getting those wedding fish as anything *but* a gag gift?

    I laughed at the 'serese bisnise' sign - had to show it to Princess Nagger. She has a message to the adorable 7 year old:

    "I love it so much! It's hilarious!"

    so you can feel free to print and deliver that if you'd like. ;)

    Still Drying Out, Birthday Schemes and Dragon Eye Cake, Dino Moves: RTT Rebel

  2. Those frogs kissing are worth every penny of $14.99. I must have them.

  3. Eek! Those fish are evil creepy looking! I would be nervous to have those staring at me...

    Pretty flowers. Obviously survivors. I suppose that you've had springlike weather, to confuse the poor things...

    'Serese bisnise' is right. Such initiative!

    1. I hope the primrose look as happy in the spring!

  4. That waiter deserves a medal!! Having Chicken Parm TOUCH mushrooms ((Shudder)) would have been a travesty. But . . . why not put them each in their own separate small containers? I know that's not the most eco-friendly way to do it, but still. Mushrooms. Blech. I rest my case . . . ;)

    1. I was trying to go green and it was I who suggested our leftovers share a box. He also took the initiative to write "his" and "hers" to define the daughter and son's chicken parms.

  5. Serene bisnise for sure. Too funny! I would have gladly rescued those mushrooms from the leftover box. Yummy

  6. The waiter that came up with the foil barrier? Future CEO.

    It took me a minute to figure out "serious business."

    What to say to a 7 year old?

    Has your mommy signed you up for violin yet?