Thursday, November 1, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week

As my children get older every time I blink my eyes, I am so happy and thankful for the moments we share together doing our traditional things.

My son complained as much as ever about gutting his pumpkin, but said he would do one scoop for a photo.  He ended up finding a longer spoon that kept him an ample distance from the pumpkin, but also did a horrible job. I eventually stepped in (just as he planned, I am sure). Meanwhile, the girl scraped hers out so well I asked if she was using it for cereal.
 He was struggling to come up with a plan, but I am sure the hat helped warm his brain to think.
 She always has a plan, and sometimes saves alternate drafts from one year to the next.
His pumpkin is raised for a reason, as you see it left a little "present" underneath. He had already done a throw up pumpkin and a guts as hair pumpkin. Yes, I am still happy he joins, really, I am.
I am happy that they still enjoy trick-or-treating, as well as each other's company. My gangster (not to be confused with gangsta) and crayon (complete with snowman pillowcase?)  made my Halloween very happy...
...even if they only shared certain candy!

Stop by to see what made Leigh and other folks happy this week!


  1. Love the snowman pillowcase - it adds a nice touch to the costume :)

    And the pumpkins came out awesome.

    1. Yes, we own a bright green pillowcase, as well as Halloween my battle...not my battle! :)

  2. LOVE the homemade crayon costume. I went to a bar the weekend before Halloween and there was a slutty crayon. I'm so glad you didn't let her get something like that. That costume is perfect!

    And thank you for the distinction on gangster v. gangsta. I would not want to make that kind of faux pas! ;)

  3. Using it for cereal! Ha! You so funny, Andrea.