Thursday, November 1, 2012

No, really I should get going

My 52 Weeks of Happiness post? Yes, that is what should be here right now, but that would take a few minutes for me to upload the pictures...literally, a few minutes. Those precious few minutes that I don't really feel like I have right now. There is Halloween shrapnel everywhere, and I am not sure where to start, or if the reorganizing will ever end. I did pick up the 120 pieces of candy the girl child left on the floor last night after her counting and sorting event was complete. Fozzie is pissed, of course, but I was concerned for his safety. Yes, I realize I may not have seemed concerned when I tied his cone around his neck to make him a radar for Halloween last night, nor did I exercise good judgement when I thought pouring a handful of Nerds boxes into the cone would make him a cute candy bowl. I may have neglected to consider the noise that might make, or the terror it could cause. My son asked if it made us bad people that we tried it, and I assured him we would only be bad people if we tried it a second time...we did not, and I am offended if you had to ask.

So why the ramble? Well, I was agonizing about whether or not to sign up for NaNoWriMo this year after not achieving the ultimate goal last year. I decided to go to the website and look around, then figured I would sign in to see what my actual stats were last year. Then I was trying to remember where in the pull down menu I could find the information on signing up...and then I realized somewhere in that trail I HAD signed up...

And away we go! So while I decide whether to put away the Halloween decor, pick up the other debris laying around, go get a haircut, jump in and get typing, eat candy, I needed to stop. I realized I needed a time out when I attempted to satisfy my hunger with a bite off of a piece of dark chocolate almond with sea salt under the guise of not having time to gather a proper snack. I ran to the computer while I was chewing, before I could take a second bite. I thought I would sit here for a minute and just talk about it. Hopefully this gives the flakes in my snowglobe of a brain a chance to settle down.

Okay then...shall we?


  1. Oops! I suppose I need to get my butt over to NaNo asap! Thanks for the reminder--we have been dealing with strep throat today, so I am all discombobulated. Like that is any different from any other day. Er, you get the idea...

  2. Halloween shrapnel....flakes in my snowglobe of a brain. I am loving the imagery today!

  3. The images of Fozzie's cone and the term Halloween shrapnel will be with me for days!! LOL

  4. No more talking about food.

    Love (once again), Marianne's Ass

    1. Well we certainly aren't going to talk about exercise! I don't have time for that...the exercise...not the talking...obviously! :)

  5. HA!

    Laughing hard, laughing b/c I just took a break from my post for tomorrow: I'm writing on why I won't be doing namodamnno.

    Oh, here you're doing it.