Sunday, November 25, 2012

Another turkey breast?

My sister does not blog. It is certainly not for a lack of material, but her two sweet munchkins do not allow her the luxury of the time needed to do so. This story is being provided for your amusement, and with her permission. (She was going to send me the photo to accompany it, but perhaps thought better of it...even though I promised to figure out how to edit it properly.)

Apparently Elaine Benes isn't the only one who can send an unintended extra special holiday greeting. After spending Thanksgiving Eve at a hotel in the city, checking out the Macy's Parade balloons, my sister and her family were getting ready to head out. My nephew was being his adorable self lounging on the bed while my sister finished showering. My brother-in-law snapped a quick photo of his son in all of his smiling glory and promptly sent it to his mother, father, and brother. My sister asked him to send it to her phone as well.

Those little thumbnails really don't offer a full sense of what is going on all the time. Later, when my sister clicked to enlarge that smiling face a bit, she realized that her full frontal topless reflection was not so discreet in the upper left corner of the frame. I give her credit for being able to emerge from the bathroom and look in the mirror with no shirt, as my eyes would have burned. I am ever so thankful that we have unmirrored sections of our bathroom to hide in.

Let's just think about this for a moment...the who, the what, the wears (and lack thereof). All I could offer to console her was to remind her that at least she had underwear on, and an attempt to not laugh as hard as I wanted.

I am almost positive she is sending a Christmas card with just the two children on it this year, but I do love this one.
Thanks for the laughs Suz! xoxox


  1. Arghhhhh!!!! I thought shit like that only happened to me!

  2. LOL. That's a Kodak moment for sure!

  3. Totally something that would happen to me. Awesome. Your sister & her family are just adorable!

  4. Well, she is beautiful, and young, (dammit!) and folks probably didn't have their retinas burned like charcoal, so it was probably okay.

  5. Wow! That's something. And I agree with the above . . . at least she's adorable and thin. If it was me, we would have known about it immediately upon sending, because those poor relative's brains would have exploded from the sight of me naked.

    I think she should actually send that pic as her Xmas card. I mean, most of the family has already seen it, right? Might as well make it a set. ;)

  6. OMG. This is making me laugh my ass off and burn all over from being embarrassed for her. This could so easily happen to us. We're the total naked house. I"m actually surprised it hasn't.

    And I agree with mistyslaws -- send it as the Christmas card. With photoshopped pasties. She's hot so everyone will love it.

  7. Hahaha! That is a great story. I have embarrassed myself in similar fashion a time or two, and it has provided some good laughs for my family.

    I like that family picture, too!

  8. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!! Oh, noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your poor sister.....Santa had better be REALLY REALLY good to her this year, darnit!

  9. PS I seriously needed that (laugh) tonight!!! ;P