Friday, November 16, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 36

The husband and I celebrated our seventeenth anniversary this week. That made me happy.
He liked the new furniture I got him, and put it together all by himself. That made me happy too.
Next year's suggested gift is porcelain...hmmm, I have a funny feeling there will be a toilet bowl in somebody's future. I do not know where the crazy list originated, or who updated the traditional to modern. However, the traditional gift for fourteen was Ivory and we sure did get a lot of showers out of the fourteen bars of soap I gave my husband. He gave me one bar. It makes me happy that we have a similar sense of humor.

Stop by Leigh's blog where you will find a whole list of happy people!


  1. Congratulations! Love the furniture! You two are cute - - here's to another 17 years . . . and then another 17!

  2. Awe! You guys are cute. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Sounds like you are made for each other. Happy anniversary!

  4. Happy anniversary! Ours was this week, too (but we both forgot, because we're those kind of people). I love that you guys have the same ivory sense of humor. That's awesome. Your husband looks like the friendliest guy on the face of the planet. Well done.

    1. Happy Belated to you! He is the friendliest guy, and for some reason he thought he'd like to marry me!

  5. 17 years? Whoa! It must be true love. You two are joined by your love of Legos and cookies, I presume?

    My mother gave my father 10 bales of hay one year for their anniversary. I wonder if she was following the list...

  6. Congratulations, sweet thing.

    What a happy couple, you can't fake smiles like that.