Saturday, November 24, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 37

Wow! We just got back into town after being away for Thanksgiving. The packing, the driving, the sleeping (or not) in a different bed? Those things are pretty so-so, but the people?! Oh spending time with them makes me happy!

Now that we have done a few of these family photos, people kind of like them, and seem a bit more willing to cooperate. We got ourselves together in record time this year. In fact, it took longer for me to remember how to use the timer feature than it took for everyone to sit down. It makes me happy that I took so many photos. (And it will make you happy that I am only sharing a few.)

This...this right here makes me happy...

Oh, hugs make me so very happy...

I do like turkey, but this little ham (my nephew), makes me happy...

A chocolate turkey made my niece happy. If you happen to have any extra, how can you resist this face?

I wonder what happiness is going on over at Leigh's place!