Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Random signs and such

We just got back from the ninth grade awards convocation (I guess you have to be a good student to know what that fancy word is all about). I just want to mention a few high- (or low-) lights: one department head quoted Colin Powell and Dr. Seuss in the same 90 second speech; and, there was a three way tie for highest average separated by .002 points and they did not acknowledge who second and third place were. That is all on that topic for now as it's late and I'm tired...boo-hoo, I know. 

I noticed the sign at McDonald's yesterday said "Always open for our customer", and thought maybe there was someone special like Jared is to Subway. (Speaking of Subway, our local ones say "Under New Management"...um, what sort of changes should I actually expect to see? I bet the food is way different now. Phew because that last manager really teed me off!) Just the one customer? I was not even certain it was a 24 hour location. Anyways, on my way back through town I noticed that the Burger King sign across the street from the golden arches said "Closed during remodel". Uh-oh, the BK lounge is just not there for me like good old Ronald, who stayed open during his recent renovations. McDonald's is concerned about where I get my daily salt and fat intake, while the king clearly is not. Another point I had to ponder was who really gives a crap what interior decorating updates take place inside a fast food restaurant? Still got a Whopper? Great, thanks. I am not sure I took in much of the scenery the last time I was hoovering my fries. 

The sign at Dunkin Donuts was proudly announcing their new burritos. Excuse me? What's your name again? Why must they try to be overachievers? No doubt these are delicious morsels of food that will stay in my digestive tract at least fifteen minutes-just long enough to get home. (Hopefully, but you know what? That is just not a risk worth taking.) I am going to be really annoyed the next time I run to the border and find out they are not serving donuts!

Remember those sexy wood floors? Well look, now wood is available to everyone at great prices I guess...
Perhaps not so sexy, but affordable!

I started wogging (walk/jog type of arrangement) with a friend of mine recently. She is the perfect companion for me because, in addition to being super swell to chat with, she has an injured knee. No overachieving risks. I don't know what the hell I am going to do when the cortisone shots she got today kick in. I guess I will have to be some sort of shady character lurking around the orthopedic center looking for new exercise buddies.

I think I may have exhausted my current volunteer gig. I am fairly certain I should feel good about myself when I leave each week, but instead I seem to feel like a bad person for one reason or another. Sometimes it is in a who-did-I-wrong-today vein. Other times the lack of organization, communication and direction just brings out the worst in me (often leading to the former, I guess). So if you are local and have deemed yourself a worthy charity, I will work for cookies...in fact, I will even bring the cookies!

Why can't I get caught up on reading all of your blogs? Why must you all have such fascinating and/or funny things to talk about? I don't know when I fell so far behind. I think it was the one night in Toronto with no wifi...yes, I know that was over a week ago, but you know it's a slippery slope. Somehow the weekends in general seem to trip me up at times. I can't imagine what I was doing instead. I know for certain that it wasn't cleaning my house. I am trying (to get caught up AND clean this place). One place to start might be to end this ramble!

Thanks to Stacy for hosting the random rebellion...with her award winning winemaking skills, no less...head on over to congratulate her! She's even telling us how to make Kahlua...now you're moving...


  1. You slay me every time I come over here!! I even snorted when I laughed out loud, so that's saying something. ;) I was particularly amused by your perusal of the fast food signage and such - and you'll be happy to know that both Princess Nagger and I would have wondered who the singled-out customer is. ;) And the fact that Dunkin' Donuts is selling tacos? They sure have changed their venue...or would that be menu? since last I darkened their doorway...which has been years - though my hips and thighs would probably say differently. ;)

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  2. yeah, the catching up on blogs things is a booger. I'm behind. Way behind. But I'm not going to "catch up". I'm going to cheat. Instead of attempting to sprint from behind, reading all the blogs I've missed, I'm going to cut across the field and rejoin the race at the front, reading the blogs as they're published and pretending I didn't miss a beat.

    1. That was the plan I was going to follow, and now that I know it is a super swell one that you have endorsed, I am on it.

  3. Dunkin Donuts - burritos? You ARE tired!

  4. LOL Laughing at Dunkin' Donuts, but dangit if they have not practically cornered the market on coffee....*but* coffee is donut's first make so that certainly makes more sense than burritos. Are they breakfast burritos? Our Dunkin' Donuts is WAY across town. We have a Krispy Kreme and a Daylight Donuts close by....sans burritos.... ;P

  5. Burritos are all the rage down here, as are breakfast tacos, but we can only have Dunkin Donuts coffee because there aren't any stores here. Bummer! I try to keep up with blogs, but it can be difficult, I know!