Wednesday, June 20, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 15

I remember the first time I ever drew up my baby girl's hair into one of those top of the head ponytails. She is twelve now, and her hair is pretty much off limits to me, unless she wants me to make another one of my valiant attempts with the flat iron. 

She has a lot of hair...a lot. Sometimes it seems like a sore spot between the two of us as she yanks it into that strained ponytail holder every morning. Her hair does get a bit of attention from people, and I was never quite sure how to gauge her reaction, or lack thereof. I don't know what to do with my own hair, nor how to use any styling products (including hair dye if you recall). However, I held out hope that she would appreciate the beautiful head of hair she has someday.

It made me so happy this week to find out that day had come (without me ever knowing it). It also made me happy that she shared this writing piece from the first day of school...

She also let me read what she wrote for the very same assignment a few days ago...
The funny thing was that a lot of the kids didn't remember doing the assignment before.

It made me so happy to be invited into her world. It made me so happy to know this little thing about her. It made me so happy that she was willing to be playful, and let me take these pictures to share with you. (Truth be told, it took a small bribe, but there was much laughter.)

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  1. Very pretty color. Shame she wouldn't sow us her face! I bet it's equally pretty.

  2. That is awesome. It is so nice to hear that she likes a part of herself. My daughter at six is already subject to peer pressure and it makes me so worried for her and to hear that your daughter is happy gives me a big old smile!!!

  3. My daughter has the same beautiful hair color! She always got comments too. She's now 32 and people still remark on her hair. When it's braided, all the highlights show and it's beautiful. It's wonderful that your girl feels unique and's so important!

  4. STUNNING hair!!! Tell your daughter that I paid VERY BIG BUCKS to have my hair magically become the same color, LOL!