Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Random treats

Stacy (Queen of the Random Rebellion) truly is the hostess with the mostess...hospitality AND wine!!!! I can barely control my giddiness when I see a hand-written real envelope in our mailbox, so imagine the joy when I saw a Priority Mail box on my front porch, from Stacy! And then...then...look what was inside (prepare to be envious)...
I am willing to share, as soon as I decide which one to open first!
You can treat yourself to some at princessnagger.com!

The sun was hot for strawberry picking and the berries were small...really small. I got an attractive itchy rash on the pasty white part side of my forearms (as if the other side is sporting some exotic tan). However, I did find Minnie Mouse...

The house was much quieter yesterday after I silenced the leftover strawberry shortcake that kept calling me. I had put some mini morsels in the batter to make sure the hot fudge knew it was not needed and could mind its own business, as I was only back in the refrigerator for the whipped cream.

I flipped Mother Nature the bird today by closing our house off from the increasing heat and mugginess and baking some cookies. You would think I had the air conditioning chugging, as I thought I did as well. Thanks to the chilly day yesterday, it just felt a little bit warmer than I expected when we got back from the store. I thought I had just eaten too many cookies until I  checked the thermostat to find that the A/C was off.   Suffice to say the cool air is flowing now though. 

Anyhow, I felt a little flat after watching these chocolate chips deflate...

Instead, I found love in the peanut butter cookies as I spotted this one coming out of the oven...

There were some oatmeal raisin cookies too, but they know their role was just to pretend to be health food, so they avoided the paparazzi.

Thanks for stopping by to share these random treats!
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  1. Yummm...peanut butter cookies go that extra mile to show their love, don't they?

  2. Mmmm, deflated or not, you can't beat chocolate chip cookies.

  3. Did you eat Minnie Mouse? Or did you save her for posterity - or is that prosperity - or just posterior? OK, I'm getting a little out there...I know what you're thinking - "Getting??!" ;)

    I love that you not only discovered Minnie Mouse in the strawberry patch (maybe you're allergic to mice, hence the rash?) but you also discovered that your cookies truly were baked with love in the literal heart shaped form. ;)

    And of course now I'm drooling. Thanks for that. ;)

    Summer Heat, Christmas in June, Misspelled Fun, and 20 Mules

  4. Randomlicious! Love the mutant strawberry....I need to bake something delicious this afternoon for tea!!!

  5. Hello Mr. Postman thank you for the awesome delivery :0)

  6. Why are you always posting pictures of those scruptious looking treats?? Why, Andrea, why??? Don't you know I am anit-good tasting things because they make me larger but god help me I can't stop shoving them in my face? There's a support group. We meet every Wednesday. I think I need to get to that meeting, stat! :p

    1. I could mail you one cookie...just one...or I can send a batch to bring to your support meeting. Hmmm, wait, that might not be appropriate.