Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Random return

First, I would like to thank you for your show of support and solidarity for teen poetry and the angst it conveys. The sixteen year old girl who still lives in the corner of my mind was very appreciative, but then she got sort of cocky from having her ego fed. I think I have things under control now. The flannel book still sits here on the desk, but I cannot subject you all to another round just yet, regardless how random.

I was at my volunteer gig this morning, where I was once again blessed with the privilege of pulling cooked turkey off the bones. I am supposed to feel special I guess, since the director said I was just one of two people she trusted with this task. Hmm, so maybe that means she doesn't see how I will grab any passerby to help me. I considered throwing in a bone or two just to assure I wouldn't get this job again. She also told me to include the dark meat...from the turkey breasts? I am not sure who exactly cooked the birds yesterday, nor what they thought constituted fresh herbs...
Um, is that grass? Was chopping considered, or do the stems have extra special flavor?

The day finally came! We were low on toilet paper, but instead of writing it down on my grocery list, I decided it was time to get our tests rolls ready. (See here also.) With all of the joy those two boxes of toilet paper brought, I somehow missed this gem. 
Remember, 165 sheets and 500 potential usage boxes to check!
The medical emergency phone number!? Is that only for toilet paper medical emergencies? Is 911 not good enough? OK, I just called the number and the person who answered said "product safety"...I don't know what else to say on this, but am sure there should be something. I will say that I am not impressed thus far with the product. We have not gotten to the diary roll yet, (and yes, I still call it the diarrhea roll) nor the survey, so there could still be much fun and fodder in store!

This was a sad attempt by Fozzie to show his sea legs, which proved to be very shaky and super scaredy! That is as far out onto the dock as he made it, and then he was too frightened to turn around to get back to the safety of the sea wall. He crouched down really low and waited for rescue.
Note how he has his paws spread out for maximum gripping capacity.

I chose to go walking outside this evening so that I could breathe the allergen infested air. The hubs opted for the elliptical, and is clearly feeling the music, as he keeps shouting "Hey!" at the top of his lungs. Two things: that is not singing AND every window in the house is open and other people are trying to enjoy peaceful walks outside that do not involve wondering if they are being shouted at. Oh geeze!

Well Stacy is out driving across the country, but she is being kind enough to let us ride along! Stop by to see where her latest stop is!


  1. Apparently, your husband and I are related, because I, too, sing while I exercise. The only difference is that I do it outside while I walk. Step two to becoming the crazy neighborhood cat lady.

  2. OK 1800 for TO what the hell is this world coming2. BTW who the hell did cook those turkeys sorry but they look down right sad.....

  3. Looking at those turkeys makes me suddenly glad that I'm a vegetarian.
    Andrea you have such a way of describing events and situations, that never fails to make me laugh.

  4. emergency # for toilet paper is a tad scary.

  5. I love how you crossed out the phone numbers but they're still plainly visible. I'm totally calling them RIGHT NOW!!!

    1. Admit it...in the midst of your own toilet paper emergency you magnified the screen for that number!

  6. Hehe...my brain keeps reading 'diary' as 'dairy', which makes me think that one of those rolls is for the lactose intolerant. Yes, my brain is weird.