Thursday, June 21, 2012

My So-called Teenage Life Blog Hop

School is officially over, as of less than two hours ago, the temperature is creeping past ninety, and each of the three of us is working on forming a butt groove in our chosen seat. In an attempt to be the most productive of our lot (and because I picked the room without a television or PS3), I turned to the interwebs. (Yes, I said productive.) Lo and behold something caught my eye over at My Pet Blog...
Hosted by Christa Desir and Amy L. Sonnichsen
The general idea? 
Dust off those old sappy journals or high school notebooks filled with bad poetry
Skim through them until you find something share-worthy
On June 21 POST IT on your blog

I found my journal of poetry not that long ago. I giggled quietly to myself as I read just a couple, while remembering how certain I was that I'd be a published poet someday. Oh the angst of it all! There are seventy-seven gems for me to choose from. I'm not sure if I should aim for the best, or the worst (or if the best IS the worst). There is a page in the back where I noted who or what each poem was written about. I see that one was for a friend's yearbook in 1986. Oh sweet Jesus, yet another reason to skip the reunion! 

OK, I just have to pick one...

4/4/86 (Making me 16 1/2)

The tunnel is long
The tunnel is dark
There is no lantern
There is no spark
Of light
Just fright

Walls are jagged
Cutting fingers that touch
Wounds heal slowly
Aching ever so much

The light I saw
The light I knew
Had to be a dream
Could not be true
Anger growing
Keep going

Now the air is warming
Cold and dampness turning
There seems to be a light
A small flame burning

The walls are moving
The space is clearing
Light now shining
Better life nearing
   Dreams I've made

I too sometimes move in circles
Fighting with all of my might
Trying to sort dreams from reality
Distinguishing wrong from right
You're a dream , but yet reality
You - are the light!

Go ahead, take a moment to let yourself succumb to the shear envy for whoever this was written to. Unless you actually are the person noted in my index. There is a particularly edgy (in my own mind I am sure) breakup song that I just might save for another day.

If you're still reading all the way down to here, thanks!


  1. Found your blog through the blog hop (though sadly I'm not participating though man do I have some doozies). Glad to know I wasn't the only aspiring poet who thought I would surely be famous. Now off to dig up some of my old masterpieces.

  2. Ba ha ha! This is great! It really does have an 80's vibe to it, especially at the end. You could turn this one into a song ... now, who would sing it? That is the question.

    I'm so glad you hopped on the blog hop bandwagon, Andrea! :) This has been so much fun!

  3. I have some poetry like that, but I wouldn't dare share it lol. I'm proud of you for being so brave. It was pretty good!

    1. It actually felt good to laugh at THE BOOK! Plus, there is safety in numbers and I saw a bunch of people had signed up for the hop!

  4. Haha! This was great! But now. I am sad because we weren't in high school together. I graduated in 1983! We would have been BFFs, judging by your poetry!

  5. You are the light! :) WHO??? At least you were optimistic.

  6. Oh man, I LOVE me some high school poetry. Thank you so much for sharing, and it's nice to meet you!

  7. I am actually really jealous that even then you were talented!

  8. I never wrote any poetry (not that I can remember anyway) but I do remember standing in the Economy Book Store in downtown Syracuse reading the new poetry of the 60's (yikes) and feeling oh so mature.

  9. Great teenage poetry going on here! Much better than anything I could have come up with I'm sure!

  10. Isn't it fun to look back at our super serious teen selves and have a good giggle at how little we knew? Although this blog hop has made me sad that I didn't write in journals back then. One, I could have mined it for awesome story angst and two, I'm always in need of a good laugh at my own expense.

  11. Love this! You can't beat teen poetry, it's so heartfelt and honest. Great job!

  12. Oh my dear heavens, this is the best/most hilarious idea for a blog hop ever! And your poem is actually pretty good, in a Nickelback lyrics sort of way, if you know what I mean?

  13. Um. Your 16 year old poetry trumps anything I could ever do. Your inner artist was always there!

    1. Maybe you just needed more angst (or at least the perception of some)--it is the key ingredient!

  14. Love this. I wish I'd kept a journal - of anything, but I've always been too lazy :)

  15. Wow. You were so poetic. I love that you expressed yourself this way! I made lists that are not nearly as fun to reread.

  16. This reminds me that some of the poems I wrote were in reference to whoever was in my life at the time.

    Great poem. I enjoyed the teenage angst throughout this hop.

  17. ROTFLMAO I was far to smart to keep a journal growing up!!! There is no evidence! I feel sorry for the kids today with social media.... This is a fun idea for a link party....

    Great poem, buy the way....I am jealous!

  18. Spectacular poetry, I say! As a teacher of 16 and a half year olds, I have to say, this is just shy of a masterpiece. I give you credit for having the cajones to share something from those teenage years. Not me!

    1. Please note how long it has taken me to be able to laugh at myself for this! Bless you for having to read 16 year old poetry on any sort of regular basis!