Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Random sugar hangover

Our house is typically very well stocked with candy in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. However, this year as Halloween loomed closer, it became harder to ignore the fact that I was going to have to go out to actually purchase more sugary yum yums that were wrapped individually. I was not going to be able to just shake the pretzel m&ms and Twizzler bites into outstretched pillowcases. I typically like to buy lollipops, be them Blow-Pops or Tootsie Pops or big Charms lollies. I figure the little kids can still gum them up, and it is safe to assume that I will not plow through an entire bag of such things in the days leading up to the grand giveaway. Plus, I am cheap when it comes to Halloween candy, because I either don't want to overbuy/spend and get left with tons, nor do I want to spend a lot if it is all going out the door.

The subject of caramel corn came up yesterday, and then I couldn't get the thought of its delightfulness out of my head! The only solution to my wanting was to make a batch. Yummy! The process kept me off the streets and the product kept me out of the candy for a little longer. Now, on the counter we have leftover brownies and cookies from the Office Warming efforts, leftover cookies from having kids in the house over the weekend, caramel corn, bakery leftovers from volunteer gig this morning, leftover rice krispie treats from girl child's Halloween shindig, and HUNDREDS of pieces of candy! Holy tooth decay batman!

For some strange reason I am having trouble focusing on my little list of random here in front of me. Maybe a nice crunchy apple would help clear my mind! Maybe just some milk to settle things down! Thank you to Stacy for giving us a loot bag to put all of our random goodies in. She's managing to invite us all over, even without power... she is a Superhero (even without a costume!) When you finish here, go see what leftover sweetness is brewing in her cauldron.


There was a car parked in the middle school lot this morning with a bumper sticker that read "If you are riding my ass, you'd better be pulling my hair." Um, yeah, soooo....hope that wasn't my eleven year old daughter's math teacher? I don't mean to judge, but seriously.

Did you ever feel like your Christmas tree was missing something, but you weren't sure what? I know...
...nothing says holy like a little Gene Simmons!

I was in line at the dollar store (I am not proud, nor do I wish to spend more than $1 on a package of doggy poop bags.) taking inventory of the boxes of candy next to the registers. There I saw, sandwiched between a couple of different varieties of chocolate bars, the dollar store pregnancy tests. Is that considered an impulse purchase, or a commonly forgotten item that was put there for convenience?

This is not the front window view that I was hoping for when I showed up to get my 89 year old grandmother the other day.
Luckily, I could see she was breathing just by looking through the window.

I don't feel like I am the target audience for this company's business...(tagline under Masonry & Hardscape reads "Are you stoned yet?")
...and wonder if I will have the munchies when they are done. (Goodness knows I have the goods on the counter to accommodate an entire crew's worth.)

Looks like Barbie and Ken got into the spirit of dressing up this year.
I see Barbie opted for the ever popular slutty policewoman. Oh wait, they are career dolls? I should've known from the pink sunglasses. Yes, that is what all female officers wear in our area, paired with skirts...very short skirts. I don't think Barbie is commanding much respect in that gear...such a tribute to female law enforcers everywhere. And what's with the pussy on the left...to the right of the little cat? (It was the sugar talking, I was helpless on that one!) Have you ever seen an EMT decked out in corn silk yellow?

Happy November, by the way! That means it's time once again for.......I have had an opening sentence rattling around in my head since Saturday. A very long sentence. That should be enough, right!?


  1. You're participating in NaNoWriMo? Cool! I am going to try it, but I am nervous!

  2. I've never even heard of caramel corn but now I really want to try some!

  3. I will be stopping by later to help you eat all of that glorious candy. That bumper sticker is both hilarious and vomit inducing at the same time...

  4. Is it wrong that I want that bumper sticker for my very own?