Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sweet Sixteen

My husband and I celebrated our sixteenth wedding anniversary yesterday. I could dedicate a post to what a swell guy he is, but this is my blog, so shouldn't the space be used to discuss me? I thought so too, so I asked the husband if he would like to guest post...about me...specifically how wonderful I am. I didn't hear a clear answer, as I am sure the thoughts of love and admiration just put his mind on overload. Since I have been known to do just about everything around here, I might as well take on this task too. So, with no further ado, I bring you the post I am pretty sure my husband would've written, about what a swell gal I am.......

Hello, I am the husband, and yes, it is just her most of the time (which just adds to the charm). You all only get to read about the things she feels so strongly about that she bullies everyone else off the computer. You only get treated to her inner Andy Rooney once and awhile, and I feel badly for you for that because I get to live real time. Here are a few of my favorite things, in no particular order...

* I love watching her make a decision. The time and effort and examination of every single detail of any situation is just fascinating. I have gained so many new perspectives on what I naively thought were the simplest of solutions.

* The way she shouts at the television, during anything but a sit-com, is like a symphony to my ears. I'm not exactly sure what she goes on about, as I assume she is just creating chatter to help me work on fine tuning my focusing skills under a variety of circumstances.

* I truly appreciate the incessant questions she has for me. It is really a boost to my ego that she thinks I know everything...seriously, everything.

* I love her passion, even though I typically cannot at all understand the things she is passionate about.

* I really appreciate how she is not one of those women who takes forever to get ready when we are going somewhere. I just take her word for it that she feels she is/looks ready.

* It is so thoughtful how she makes dinner for us, and then goes to the trouble of pointing out whatever is wrong with the meal, so that we don't have to try to figure it out.

* I am interested in some of the ways she takes care of herself. I am not sure though, if the eye-rolling is to reduce eye strain, or if it is a yoga move I've not heard of.

* It's really supportive how she tells me a decision is up to me, and then provides extensive facts, based on what must be hours of research, to assist me in MY decision.

I'm sure there's more, but I don't want to boast.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! It is nice when they let us handle the heavy lifting, isn't it? ;-)

  2. Great and funny post! Wonder what my hubs would write...or what I would write that he would write. Got that?

  3. Happy anniversary. Very funny post. I also am an excellent yoga/eye roller. It sometimes gets me in a wee bit of trouble though ;)

  4. I love it! Happy Anniversary and here's to many happy years with you husband making decisions based on your research!!!

  5. I love this! Happy Anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary late! Sorry I missed it, but loved the post (especially the eye rolling part)!!

  7. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What a guy! I need a husband like that!

    Happy Anniversary to you both. :D