Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Random bug edition

We are not talking about and fancy interesting bugs like lightning bugs or lady bugs. We are talking about the stomach bug. Apparenlt Monday was worried that he just wasn't getting the street cred he deserved as a crappy day, so he served up something extra special to remind us. Granted I did get to enjoy breakfast out with a friend, but that came with a price. I walked in the house, and had not even let the dog out of his crate yet, when my son called from the junior high school at 11:48 to tell me of his worsening stomach ache. I cannot remember a time when I had to pick him up early, so no convincing was needed, and I headed for the car. After arriving home, I had just grabbed some pillows to make him more comfortable when the middle school called at 12:20 to let me know that my daughter was "actively ill", so I headed out to pick her up.

I have wondered, over the years, if it wouldn't just be better to have everyone sick at once, as opposed to staggering the illnesses over the course of a week. I thought maybe just being done with everyone in one shot might be a better route. I will not wonder that again, because as far as any intestinal rage goes, better to focus on one person at a time. I am sure the daughter was thinking the same thing as she wrestled with her own tummy demons on the couch next to where her brother eventually succumbed to the bucket. I was trying to ignore the increasing ache in my own stomach while I had no place good to sit, and there was no decent consensus as to what we should watch. Head colds can be rested off without much supervision, but I didn't want to leave the room for long for fear of what or who might erupt next.

It was also a terribly gloomy day. Luckily the temperature was decent enough to open up the windows to air out the family room. Here are some photos to show our progress from yesterday...
...until today...They've switched couches, and the boy was downgraded from fleece and three blankets to just one blanket today. The dog's fake sympathy illness is still no less pathetic though.
(According to the boy, Foz thinks it is unacceptable that he gets kicked outside when he is throwing up.)

There was a bit of stress this morning trying to make sure I called the attendance offices at both schools and figuring out what time i had to call the guidance offices to request missed work, in the event that anyone decided to be vertical today. Nothing can be picked up until after 3:00, so we have much more time to lounge before we even consider such a thing.

I am regretting the toast I just ate, but it seems there were a couple of other random things I was trying to keep down...

If a woman is wearing a bra this size, is it really only age that is making her need some help, or is she just trying to overcome gravity?
Is it not disappointing enough that I cannot shop in the cute and fun section of the lingerie department? Now they have to bring my age into it?

My mom brought this fancy tamale pie to a gathering over the weekend. Yes, I made a snarky remark, but please tell me it isn't just me who sees something a little extra calliente going on there on top.

By the way, the only saving grace I had this morning was that we had restored Blogpress to the iPad, so I could keep the peeps company while blogging. When I hit save, the entire app crapped the bed taking my post with it. That required an entirely separate hissy fit from the one I was already brewing.

Thanks to Stacy for hosting a germ-free place for us to air our random out! Stop over to visit and wish her daughter a Happy Birthday!



  1. OMG, I hope you all are feeling better!!! I love how the buckets are with different kids in the photo!!

    And OMG YES there's a little extra frank and beans on top of that dish, if you get what I'm a sayin...

  2. LOL what was your mom trying to reveal with the dish? :/

    I hope y'all are better. The stomach bug has been going around my daughter's school, too! I hope y'all are bug-free soon!


  3. Oh my. I hope you feel well enough to paint this week. Maybe peanuts are not all they should be worried about you bringing over there!
    Your mom rocks!

  4. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  5. the dog with the blanket takes the cake.

  6. I hope all of you feel better soon! There is something a little uh...ballsy about that tamale pie.

  7. Wow, that sucks. I got sick last year with my son. Me, 36, my son, 2 1/2. It was May, we were running a fever, and it was already kind of hot.

    The kind women in my family just let us sweat there on the couch. Every once in awhile they would wash us with a sponge tied to a stick. Otherwise, we had no quarter.

  8. Oh, my gosh...what did your mother do to that pie?? Can't she see it? She must see it.

    So very funny.

    Pssst...I secretly love it when my kids are a teeny sick, and I get to love on them.

  9. Everyone at my husband's office is has been, is or is getting sick. I threatened him with death (stated in a loving way) if he even thinks of bringing a germ into our home! If you read an headline, Indiana Husband Killed Over Germs, you'll know who it is!

  10. Awwwww MAN, the stomach bug is the WORST! I feel for you all. The pup with the sympathy illness is absolutely adorable! I once came down with the stomach flu on a long international flight. Waiting through customs was pure torture.

    HA! Love the tamale pie. Muy caliente. You like a little curl to your peppers? :)

    Hope you all are feeling better!

  11. Glad you are all feeling better. Despite the sausage and potatoes on top, I would like to taste the tamale pie!!!

  12. These random bugs need to go bug someone else. I hope that everyone is feeling better soon!

    And yes, the tamale pie was visited by the Beans and Franks fairy!

  13. OH man, I hope the bug has migrated OUT of your home. So sorry. And yes, the tamale pie takes my mind all kinds of wrong places.