Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random Tuesday kitchen edition

At one, well actually more than one, point today I lost my mind in the kitchen. I spent four hours at Meals on Wheels slicing and dicing and serving it up. After a quick stop at the grocery store, I was home to get started on my treat baking for our holiday travels. I had some sort of quality control and fresh is best issue that prevented me from getting started sooner than today. I made the turkey cutouts, as you can see here, they seem to have had pop up timers. Why is that?
I moved on to some sort of other toffee and chocolate chip cookie. Sticky toffee+cookie sheet removal=not so much + hissy fit (to the power of three). Then I thought about pumpkin bread, and if you give a lady a can of pumpkin, she's gonna want to make that pumpkin bread. Yes, I would've been the only one to notice if it was missing, I am sure of that now. I really still wanted to make caramel corn too. The thing I often forget to account for is that cut-out cookies are not done when they come out of the oven. There is that business of frosting them. Not a single one of those turkeys was willing to hop into the sprinkles on his own!

The caramel corn is on the oven, but there seems to have been a possible mishap in the doubling of the caramel ingredients. I am hoping for the best. Right now I am just thankful to sit down!!!! I will save my holiday gratitude for another post, as it's time to let the random gobble! Thanks to Stacy for hosting all of us turkeys! When you are finished here, head on over and check out what other random stuffing folks are dishing out!
I know I have seen this delicacy on someone else's blog, but when I saw this can at the grocery store today I couldn't resist sharing.Should I have skipped the pumpkin bread and started a new tradition?

I was eating lunch at Tim Horton's with a friend of mine last week. (Yes, we are that fancy.) Our paninis were wrapped in take out paper, but put on a real white plate since we were eating in. The wrapper said "Consume immediately. Do not reheat" It was difficult to thoroughly enjoy our sandwiches when all the while I was wondering what would happen if I reheated. Which toxic ingredient would blow up?

The other day my husband walked by carrying this sign, while he told us how he just couldn't believe his ipod (that is 8 years old) only lasted for 45 minutes with a full charge. It cut right out during his workout.
I love it when I am reminded of his sense of humor, especially when I am actually in the mood to appreciate it! Good one!

I was so excited when our kids became interested in my favorite tv show, Modern Family. I thought it would be so swell that we could all watch it and share some laughs together. So far this has meant that we watch it on a one night delay so that I can pretend to get these folks upstairs at 9:00. It also means that the overall atmosphere has changed a bit. The husband and I used to settle in to watch the show with our snacks in hand, and a sigh of relief that we had some bit of sanity left at the end of the day. The only time we missed a joke was if we were still laughing from the previous zinger. Now when we tune in, there is usually a bathroom break, plus a time out to get a drink or snack. Someone is talking to the dog (explaining a joke, perhaps, I don't know), and there was even a bloody nose during the most recent episode. I think I may have to resort to a sneak preview before our general public viewing! I know they put up with me shouting at the screen during the Amazing race and Survivor, but they do it too, and they never had it any other way.

This tool claims to be 14 tools in one. I am thinking anything beyond 5 starts to reach a bit, or enters some very specific realms of weaponry.

Julie's Place is a local restaurant. Do they really need to rub it in that you are having a crappy lunch hour by making you find somewhere else to park if Julie's is not where you're headed? How can they tell which folks went where?

Update on caramel corn (now 10:15 p.m.)...It would've been just fine if the batch in the metal pan hadn't started to burn, while the batch in the corning ware next to it was slightly undercooked! Argh!

Aha, I almost forgot to mention that somewhere around 4:30 I started peeling what would be twelve pounds of apples for applesauce. Yes, I probably had enough already, yes the batch in the fridge was probably fine even if short on cinnamon, no it didn't matter that it was made with several kinds of apples, yes there was plenty in the freezer if I refused to be satisfied. I have no one to blame but myself.

Oh well...Gobble 'til you wobble!


  1. Those turkeys are GANGSTA, yo!!!

    I like the sign, it's funny. I can see myself doing something like that.

    I think I have the grandfather of your 14 in 1 tool. I believe it's the 7 in 1. It has none of the cut outs and no bottle opener, but everthing else is there, and sometimes, when nobody's looking, I pretend I'm an assassin and i swipe it through the air and it hisses. It's pretty badass.

  2. I am in awe of your baking prowess! :) I have a sudden craving for caramel corn!

  3. Those cookies are darling. I'm so impressed that you made caramel corn! I've never tried it. And the Spotted Dick? Not only nasty, but...expensive! I guess they consider it a specialty food.

  4. Those cookies look delicious! And it appears that you watch Modern Family the exact same way that WE watch it--lots of pauses and rewinds for the kid. Oddly enough, he will sit quiet through entire episodes of The Big Bang Theory.

  5. Holy crap woman! I am amazed at your mad cooking skillz! I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving!

  6. Good grief, I'm tired AND stuffed from reading this! Yum, your house must have smelled amazing that day. And your army of turkeys look great!