Friday, November 18, 2011

Are we there yet?

We are? We're here? It's Friday? Well that was just a lovely week. It is now 4:00 in the afternoon and I still have pj's on. The pj's plus the snow on the ground and general chilliness served as deterrents from me leaving the house today. This place needed to be cleaned up so any residual cooties would be dusted, vacuumed, sprayed or just frightened away. I started this mission at 7:45 this morning...I am not done...I am going to cry! Sure, I spent some time on the computer and nourishing myself, plus a minor stop to take some allergy medicine to ward off the dust induced sinus condition that almost sidelined my efforts. However, even if I fiddle-farted away two hours (which I would like to think I did not), that still means I cleaned for six!

I have reason to be joyous as this week wraps up. I actually had reason to be joyous LAST week, but somehow missed the post telling me so.

**Attention** About to get sidetracked...

What I did notice was the email from a woman who "ran into [my] blog and absolutely loves it". I was so excited! She wanted to GIVE me some scrapbooking software to use as a giveaway and other fabulous prizes. I emailed back to tell her I was interested (of course!), and asked what other info I might need. I was pretty fired up to get started on that when the in-house vomitorium opened. Many hours into operation "cabin fever", I snuck into the computer room (office makes it sound like I do something far more important in this chair), to find an email from a different woman who saw that I featured designer purses on my website, and she wanted me to advertise her forum where fashionistas would apparently discuss their love of bags? Um, ok, I am fairly certain that even with all of the background clutter in my photos, there have been no designer handbags. Moreover, if she had somehow connected me with fashion, she had never actually read the blog to begin with.

A couple days later, I was vertical and focused and catching up on some blog reading when I stumbled upon I Like Cheese, and his thoughts on scam emails, specifically as they relate to interest in our blogs. Uh-oh. I suddenly felt a little less special, and embarrassed for being a sucker. I immediately clicked over to check on my followers field, only to find that the software woman who "loved" my blog was not even willing to be a follower. The neurons started firing more quickly in my now healthier brain. Yes, I believe this person wanted to use some space on my blog, but it had nothing to do with the blog itself. I emailed to tell her that I didn't have the time right now to entertain her giveaway. I was a little deflated to find that "Maybe It's Just Me" had not won the love and admiration of a complete stranger whose work I was unfamiliar with.

Then, lo and behold...**Attention** Getting back on track...

I was perusing the recent post titles of the one and only, Wily Weez, when I saw one I had somehow missed (having read all of the ones above and below it). It was another one of her consistently awesome gems, but in this particular one....TA DA---she gave me a friggin' award!!
Sure, four other bloggers got one from her too, but I was already following two of those folks, and after checking out the other two, I am in super sweet company! Look how pretty...
Now, I read the rules of acceptance and understood them completely the first time, but had to check back 5 times to satisfy myself that I was doing the right thing! I must start with a dedication to the award giver, Paula:

It was Friday, September 23, 2011 when I clicked on a link to a blog post titled
F*ck you Fridays: Round Three. I had missed rounds one and two, but that did not dissuade me from seeing what this was all about. It was a letter she crafted to herself, on behalf of her son, to critique her less than stellar Tooth Fairy skills. I laughed my ass off. I shared the post with my 14 year old son because the little bit of language was well worth the laughs in my opinion.

The love did not stop at Paula nearly causing me to nearly pee my pants in my hysteria. No, she then invited us to vent about our own low points of the week. There was some truly hilarious stuff going on there in the comment section too! No therapy bills? I get to just gripe about something? Cool. She even replies to the comments people leave. Holy Awesome Batman!

Not only are Friday posts great, but she brings her best game every single time!
Seeing my blog mentioned on her blog was way better than the misplaced designer handbag shout out! Way better, and I stumbled on it just when I needed to!

hmmm...ok, now I have to tell you all some things about myself. I know, every time you read this blog, you've been thinking "Damn, I wish she just give us more of glimpse into her world", so here's that...

* I have never traveled west of Buffalo, except for the time I had a layover in Detroit, but not leaving the airport nullifies that experience.

* I have never been to any of my high school or college reunions. (You are assuming I am not old enough to have had any, I know, thanks.) The fact that makes this pitiful is that I live less than thirty minutes from both schools.

* I have not thrown up in over twenty years. If you leave out my four years of college and whatever the beverage of choice was, that number increases to over 30 years.

* I love the Muppets and Sesame Street. I always have and always will. My engagement ring was offered on a plush Kermit the Frog's flipper.

Moving comes the part where I pass this award on to five other bloggers. I need to make sure these folks don't already have the same one because I didn't get a receipt, so they wont be able to return it for cash...Stay tuned for this portion of the program because my initial five minute scan shows that only two of the blogs I follow aren't wearing the versatile green yet (but they do have other pieces of flair)!
Plus, it is now Sunday afternoon, and while yes, I am out of pajamas and dressed, I have yet to publish this post!!!!!!


  1. I've always thought of you as a very versatile blogger, so you very much deserve your award! As they say in the gaming world, 'gratz!'

    And I've been getting those "We are interested in your blog" emails, too. I'm still waiting to get one from a Nigerian prince.

  2. When I first started my blog, I would get tons of those scam emails. Finally, I downloaded a plugin that identifies most known spam and added a captcha to my comments page. It's amazing how many of those messages come from bots...

    Also, you are quite the versatile blogger. Congrats on the recognition!