Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oh hey Tuesday, how are you?

There is not a whole lot rattling around in my head this week. I tried with all, of three days, of my might to work on a fiction piece for NaNoWriMo this year, before remembering what a serious lack of imagination I have. I tried to dabble in a little loosely based on reality sort of character, but couldn't figure out where the story should go. I mean, things couldn't just keep happening to her with no progress...with her not learning anything...oh wait...So I am way far behind in word count now!

I am far from speechless though, and since we don't want to leave Stacy Rocking the Random Rebellion on her own...


How big of a gadget drawer would I need if I was the kind of person who felt compelled to have this item on my must own list?
Wait! I do have a knife for bananas...it's called a butter knife, and it even works on very firm fruit. Until now, I thought I was pretty speedy at it too. I love how the sign boasts about the uniform slicing...especially for smoothies!

I was not the one holding the caramel corn container, so I did not realize it was closed back up and put on the counter with this as its contents. I was very disappointed by this sort of mega snack offering decoy.

I don't think I can vote for these folks unless part of their "community involvlement" is a literacy campaign!

Can I open my eyes? Am I beautiful yet?

Hope you are feeling fancy today! Thanks for visiting!


  1. I think involvlement is like parliament for involvement. So, you know, if you want to make a law that requires people to get involved you have to petition involvlement.

  2. Well who doesn't like a uniformly sliced banana before they drop it in the blender? :)

    Your pup is fancy AND gorgeous!

  3. I work at the high-end kitchen store where (*gasp*) we sell these. When they first arrived on our shelves, The Boss went right over to the diplay our stock guy had just set up, plucked a banana slicer off the rack and said, "And to think I already HAVE one of these! It's called: a knife."

    We all laugh at customers (behind their back obviously, don't wanna get fired) who buy these. Really, people? How long do you think this useless thing takes to clean once it is clogged up with banana? More time than a butter knife, that's for sure!

    thanks for the laugh. :)


  4. HA! :-) I'm way behind in my NaNoWriMo count, too! As for the banana slicer... I'm flummoxed! That will be the end of my involvlement on that part of your post. ;-)

  5. Some of the gadgets they come up with these days are ridiculous. Don't yu jus dop 1/2 a banana in the smoothie? Yeah, I wouldn't vote for anyone who can't spell!

  6. I am wayyyyy behind on my NaNo, too! I am hoping to catch up this weekend.

    I can't help it, I get distracted by shiny objects. It's a character flaw.

    I really don't know why anyone would need a banana slicer. Does it work on cheese?

  7. You would think Spell-Check was a new service that was unavailable to certain users. Irritates me when someone puts a snack away with just a couple of pieces left in it.

  8. I didn't even attempt the November writing challenge. So you're way ahead of me.

    Banana slicer? How lame! It's amazing what people will buy that just clutters up their houses.

    I can see why you might cast your vote elselewhere ;)

  9. I did such a bad job staying focuses last year I decided to give myself a break and not participate in the NaNo WriMo this year. :)

    I love kitchen gadgets and have all sorts of odd-ball ones...but a banana slicer is not one of them. I have plenty of knives that can do the job just as easily - and less cleanup. ;)

    HA! I like Jim's explanation of 'involvlement'. :)

    Your dog is ADORABLE! And fancy! :)

  10. So wait..are you in NaNoWriMo or are you out? The whole point of the thing is just to type, type, type, baby! You can't THINK about it. If you don't know what to write, write "poopypants" a hundred times, which is crazy to type and will tickle the word trickle bone just right so you will be able to continue. Gotta do it!

  11. You totally need to check out my gadgets page! I think you will enjoy it immeasurably :)

  12. I don't feel that fancy. And banana peelers? That will definitely fill the void in my life.

  13. I love the picture of the dog...I feel fancy just looking at it!

  14. That cracks me up, the spelling is wrong.....I should probably get out of my yoga pants now.