Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's that big kid again

The other day, my daughter was talking to me about what treat I would like to make for her to bring to school on Halloween. I could've pretended that I didn't want to make anything, but the girl knows I need a purpose! As we were reviewing some options, the husband child announced that he was thinking about have an office warming party for himself. Um...interesting concept and choice of time to make such a declaration. "What does that have to do with us?" Uh-oh, there was a baked goods discussion going on when he piped up..."Are you asking me to make something for your open house?" Yes, he was...No, we weren't invited...Yes, Halloween was the day he'd hold his event.

Forward to this afternoon...The activities coordinator man child motioned to the stack of candy coupons on the counter, while making some inquiries into my trick-or-treat inventory. I told him I was probably going to go my usual route of giving out Blow-pops. He figured he was probably going to pick up some candy for his shin-dig. I questioned why he needed to splurge on name brand extras when I was already called into baking service. The next request was for some balloons. Uh, I don't recall there being balloons for my BIRTHDAY last week! I apparently was not recognizing his office being moved to a different building as the truly huge deal that it is.

We decided (when I announced) that the menu would consist of cut-out cookies, brownies and caramel corn (a sort of Halloween meets Charlie Brown Thanksgiving menu). I asked how many people he thought we should plan on. Due to his new real estate being in a busy hallway, he thought there could be a lot of traffic. However, he has not invited anyone as of yet, so I maintain that folks might have other plans.

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  1. Ah crap! He's in a building with other offices. People are grazers by nature, damn them anyway. So in order to keep him from lamenting his misfortune of having too little food... you risk making too much and having him feel humiliated if he has to bring it on home because no one came by.

    I say make him some "good for one free treat" coupons to give out if anyone stops by. That way you can find out how many coupons he gave out during the day and bake accordingly. :D (this will also teach him to plan ahead) haha

    Sorry, I'm having a "man in my life" moment myself and I just wonder if they have any idea how difficult they are. :) Keep up the great work!

  2. Angie's got a great idea!!
    No, men have NO idea how difficult they are. They really are little boys in men's clothing.
    Sorry, I me all riled up!
    Um, good luck with the baking?

    Andrea, is this a new design? Your blog looks great! Hey, but you need a sub by email button so I can get your posts in my inbox (don't want to miss a thing!)

  3. Yes, a subscribe by email would be awesome!!!!

    Men really don't know how hard we try to make things look easy! But the one time I told my husband to take care of things himself, he spent a LOT of money.

  4. If I were you, my husband would be buying stuff from the store because I can't even make cutout cookies without screwing everything up.

  5. Today I was torn at the store buying candy. The coconut that I hate so I wouldn't be tempted or the tasty butterfingers to reward my muffin top for its 20 minute workout.