Saturday, October 8, 2011

Time to pack it in

We were getting ready to go out of town yesterday morning. Well, let's face it, I was running around like a loon while the children took up residence on the couch for yet another inspirational episode of Spongebob. There was no "we" about it. In an attempt to recruit volunteers to join my packing efforts, I asked for a status update.

Me: Son, did you put away your laundry and pack your clothes?
Boy: Yes.
Me: Wow! You did?
Boy: Oh. No.
Me: Um, which part didn't you do?
Son: Any of it.
Me: So what question did you think you were answering?

Some further discussion on listening etiquette ensued before I strongly suggested he get a move on. He voyaged upstairs, and made short work of his tasks. As he bumbled down the stairs, the sister suggested that his method of packing might have involved just putting all of his laundry into his duffle bag. Accusation denied...sort of.

I proceeded upstairs to assess the contents of his bag to make sure they would suffice for a three day trip. I was impressed that there was an appropriate amount of boxers, but my enthusiasm ended there. There were six pairs of socks, which seemed extreme for someone who usually neglects to change his socks on vacation. There was the correct amount of the rest of the items, but I am not certain which were intended to be paired together. See for yourself...
There are universally acceptable black bottoms, but the forecast was eighty-three degrees, and those are pants. I made some minor adjustments, and brought the bags downstairs. The next time I passed the bags, this is what I saw...
I am all for traveling with friends, but seriously? The son moved very fast when he saw me running to get my camera. (Sorry Kiddo.) Luckily, Domo comes in many sizes!


  1. Hehehehe...hilarious! I have to check what my husband has packed. All he thinks about are computers!

    I hope you have a great vacation!

  2. I am having some serious doubts as to whether my son will ever be able to dress himself. I have a feeling I will be dressing him and packing for him for the rest of my life!