Tuesday, October 18, 2011

There's a little bit of Random Tuesday stuck to your sleeve

OK, let's get right to it, as the clock is ticking! My birthday is less than a week away, and if you haven't already ordered my Baby Babu, you might want to change your plans...
I know it says it makes the perfect Christmas gift, but who can wait that long? I realize that the $149.99 (which sounds way cheaper than $150) is a nice bit of change, but come on...
You'll be giving me happily ever after...FOREVER! Just sayin'!

This woman obviously needs someone to help her out with her unhappily, uncomfortably ever after...
Seriously, who are these people who have such poor access to decent medical care that they decide "I'm going to write a letter, and wait...a very long time possibly...and check the newspaper every day in hopes that Dr. Donohue hears my call"? He's not even wearing a lab jacket, so I'm not sure if he is to be trusted. I am sorry that I cut the response, in the event that you too were looking for relief from interstitial cystitis. To paraphrase, I believe the advice was something like: SEE ANOTHER DOCTOR!

I was so unmotivated yesterday that I think I would've cried if it could've taken less effort. When I finally decided to clean out the bread basket (yes, I went for the tasks of huge improvement), I ended up spending over thirty minutes making pita chips, as if protecting that $1 package of pita bread from being thrown out was the best use of my time. I also tried to finish the book I was reading because then I could put it away. Yes, that book was the largest mess in the house, seriously?

What does this type of sky mean I should prepare for? Luckily it provided just one more distraction in my day yesterday. This really doesn't capture the feel, but hints at the weirdness, I hope.

To make up for the lack of productivity while I was home alone, I decided to rotate my closet after dinner (maybe that gave the illusion to everyone that I'd been a work horse all day). Happy, happy fall clothes! I was not comforted at all by the allergy attack that was triggered in that closet. I guess it is good to know that it took just over ten years for the dust in there to reach itchy throat proportions! There is a very small part of my brain that knows this means I should haul EVERYTHING out and let Mr. Dyson go crazy in there, but it's a very small part...not very loud at all.

I guess I'll try to finish that book now, and make sure nobody left any chocolate lying around...those are two messes I just can't take!

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  1. Love the random! I am NOT getting you Baby Babu. Ever. That thing is hideous. Who buys that crap? I love how ADHD sets in at the same time housecleaning does. I am currently ironing, emptying the dishwasher, giving Parker advice on his college app and looking at blogs. Nothing will be done 100%.

  2. Maybe you should ask Santa for Baby Babu? It gives you some lead time and he can save up. Those are some crazy clouds!

  3. That's so funny that someone would write a letter to a doctor, they must have ample depends and too much time on their hands.

  4. Would YOU go to that doctor? Seriously, he looks like an axe murderer. Creepy! :)

  5. Wait, what? A porcelain doll of Kate Middleton? Just Kate? Where's the Prince? She's in her bridal gown, for goodness sakes. Is she marrying herself? So odd!

    Hehehehe, the doctor DOES look creepy. Those eyes.....oooh. no.