Monday, October 3, 2011

Gone to the dog

Since I remain unimpressed by yet another Monday, between the allergies and the nosebleeds and the way those two things are playing so beautifully off one another, this post is being turned over to the dog. He has been trying to hide these choice photos for some time now, but alas they have surfaced! Without further ado, here's Fozzie trying to defend his honor...

Me: Seriously Foz, you can't figure out where that Sugar Smack went?
Foz: Yeah, I've seen you with a fair amount of smudge clinging to you on a regular basis as well.
(One point for Foz)

Me: Oh, I see here we have further evidence of your infatuation with cats, who are not amused by you, by the way. Why can't you be a real dog?
Foz: If playing with this fabulous yarn makes me less of a dog, then me-ow!

Me: Don't look now, but that grasshopper that scared the bejeebers out of you is clinging to your neckwear!
Foz: Oh, I know it's there. Now could you open the door so I can bring him back outside.
Me: Not buying it Foz!
(One point for me)

Me: The kids made it sound like you took off really fast with the piece of bread they dropped, but now I see that a trip for the camera enabled you to eat the whole plain sight!
Foz: Your point?
(One point for Foz)

Me: Wow! Isn't it sweet how the girl child wanted to get you a costume so badly? You must be really fired up for Halloween, no? Is the wait driving you Batty?
Foz: I hate you!
(Costume too small=point for Fozzie...Photos taken=point for me)

Me: Nice look, badass!
Foz: And you look any better today?
Me: Touche'!

Me: Foz, I can't seem to find any of those shots from when you play dead. You know, when you show no modesty and flop flat out on your back for the whole world to see?
Foz: Stop looking! And let's agree that such photos of neither of us should ever be posted.
Me: Yeah, I'm pretty sure that one is all on you.

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  1. What a cutie patootie!!! Oh my goodness, the expressions on his adorable face! I couldn't stop laughing. :D