Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Just another random day

This morning started like any other Monday, which stunk because it is Tuesday! The 4:15 a.m. nosebleed was a swell kickoff. Since I like both cookies, and being able to walk comfortably, I put my illustrious jogging career on the back burner, and opted for the dreaded elliptical once again. I have not done much to eradicate the mess going on in the room where the exercise takes place, so I just pretend I am running away from the disaster (even though I am pointed in the wrong direction...heading straight for the obstacle course).

Anyways...at 6:50 a.m. I was wrapping things up when the dog started barking (which he almost never does). The husband had already left (not a typical morning), the son had left, and the girl child was scheduled for fifteen more minutes of slumber. The bark was brief, but then I heard a knock on the front door, and he began his lunatic alert again. I couldn't imagine anything good was waiting behind door number one at such an hour, but I tried to carefully, yet quickly get off the torture device. I then tried to make my way safely down the stairs, convinced that the adrenaline rush made up for missing the last 37 seconds of my goal time. My son was at the locked door informing me that his bus had not come yet, and could they have a ride. It was fifteen minutes past the usual pickup time. I was not processing information very quickly with my pajama wearing, exercise interrupted, gosh it's dark out self. I knew I did not WANT to take the thirty minute round trip journey, but also knew there was no reason I COULD not. I woke the daughter and pleaded that she not fall back to sleep in my brief absence, grabbed the keys, and had them to school fairly early by the looks of things. I asked them if they were overachievers who just couldn't handle the thought of arriving late, as it would've been excusable when they arrived with the rest of their bus load. No big deal in the end, but at that moment..UGH!

Stacy is continuing to rock the Random Tuesday Thoughts party...thank goodness, because where else would I put these gems?! When you are done here, pay her a visit to see what she's up to, and check out the links to more randomness!


The Foz must've sensed my occasional sadness at the lack of toddlers in our home, so he has started acting up whenever I am on the phone. He just sits and stares at me grumbling (more like he is trying to speak than actual growling). Then this afternoon, while I was on the phone, he made some indications that he would like to go outside. He rarely strays more than five feet off the deck, but assuming I was distracted, he started marching into the neighbors yard while giving me a look over his "shoulder". (Is that a dog part?) He has no appreciation of cordless phone technology and was disappointed that I was able to just walk outside and get him.

Do not stress about holiday shopping this year! Just get this gem for EVERYONE on your list! "Most lifelike simian sweetheart ever"? Wow, how long and how many people have been working on this?
The soft wisps of hair are hand-applied in case that seals the deal for ya. I was alarmed for a moment when I saw this same ad on the 'fridge at a friend's house last week. As she motioned towards it, I thought "Oh please, please don't let her actually want this ordered!" Sweet relief to find out that she just found it as hilarious as I did! Make no mistake, because the fine print says "not a toy, but a fine collectible". Did I mention fully poseable? (But don't play with it.)

Soon winter (and snow) will be upon us here in Central New York. I am fairly certain that whoever designed this product doesn't live anywhere with real snowfall.
In order for me to be able to lift that magic cover, without dumping everything right onto my car, the total accumulation would have to be fairly small...as in too small to bother with anything beyond the windshield wipers or a very quick brushing. This is reminiscent of trying to make a large bed by oneself with all of the reaching and maneuvering. Then I can stand outside and try to fold the thing up to fit in its storage bag? I'm thinking there is a significant risk that it will be cold out when I am trying to finangle that, maybe even windy. OK, I also notice it keeps your windshield dirt-free...where the hell are you parking?

I just received a text from the husband requesting that I dvr Glee and the Biggest Loser for him. Nice to know he is confident in his own masculinity.

In closing, my quest to get the poorest customer service available continued today at the Verizon Wireless store...yeah, I decided to call them out on it...right here, right now. Anybody else out there feeling Verizon love? We have three cell phones, home phone, internet and television through that company, but apparently you have to birth the CEO's love child to get any respect from them.


  1. Love your randoms. That is such a truth statement about customer service. If you accidentally get good service it's almost like a shock!

  2. I find Baby Babu to be slightly terrifying! There's an idea for a new TLC series though. They should hunt down the people who buy these creepy dolls!

  3. It took me a few months to get the hang of the elliptical machine because I am very uncoordinated, but man oh man does it do wonders for your behind!

  4. OMG YOU are SUCH a Great Writer...I LOVE your style!! I am bookmarking you for those mornings when I sneak some ME time with a cup of coffee and the laptop....WHO GAVE THE APPROVAL for THE MONKEY!!! (wtf?) Hilarious!

    Following you from About a Mom Hop...glad I found you.

    jenny at dapperhouse


  5. HAHAHA! Oh, you are hysterical! I love the thought of using the elliptical to run away from household messes. At last, a good excuse to let the laundry accumulate! Huzzah!

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  7. I have a love/hate relationship with the elliptical.

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