Sunday, October 23, 2011

You say it's your birthday...It's my birthday too, yeah!

Where was my birthday cheer this year? Maybe it was my own poor attempts at event planning, as I headed to the gyn office for my annual appointment on Friday afternoon to get things rolling. I questioned the mega-pap smear I received and asked if it was an early birthday gift...geesh!

Then I tried a little denial on for size. I was pretending that the dozen roses that my husband brought home on Friday were just to randomly celebrate what a sheer joy I am to live with. I had a couple of small mental pity party rehearsals as I braced myself for the big day.

This morning when I woke up, I quietly grabbed the book I am reading (Hope in a Jar, if you're interested...Hope in a Jar, if you're not interested). I figured I could get lost in someone else's world for a few pages before the house started to stir.

As a treat, the husband spared me from having to walk the dog, so he got up to do so. The first visitor was the daughter with a smile on her face so big, you'd have thought it was her birthday. She hopped in my bed, melting a little bit of my grinchy heart. Soon after, the son arrived with his groggy sounding wishes, and hopped in on the other side. I continued to thaw as the three of us chatted about nothing in particular, other than the girl teasing that the boy didn't even know where his gift was, and other indications that her efforts surpassed his. For some reason we even ended up getting each of our lovies to join us...
The boy has two of the same, because we were smart enough to purchase a second in case something ever happened. We were not smart enough to rotate properly, and he caught on and wanted both. They have been loved equally and wear their patches proudly! When we called the toy company for a second lamb for the girl, realizing how much he was to be loved, he'd been discontinued. The thing on the right is my mouse, the plush of his armpit being the all that remains of his original hair. I think that is the third eye color he's had. Is there anything to the theory that the more we are loved the worse we might look to those who didn't do the loving?

The dog arrived next, followed by the husband. The son went first in the gifting. He did hear my exclamations when I broke my favorite strainer the other day! Proof he does not tune me out completely, even if he wishes he could. (Sorry kiddo, you got that from me.)
He got me a book as well, possibly in hopes that I will tune out (and be quiet).

The husband went next, and demonstrated fabulous knowledge of what I would want...
My favorite show! I listened to the CD already, and it is simply awesome!

The daughter grabbed her gift bag, and was going to hold back her card, after announcing she was the only one to have one. It proclaimed to love me to the moon..."and possibly back". She apparently knew I would not be able to take anything too mushy. Among the items in her gift bag were: some popsicle stick people, that I had bugged her for awhile to get off the end table, some shampoo from the last hotel we stayed at, a car freshener that had been hanging around in her room (still wrapped mind you) leftover from some end of the school year gift giving (inside jokey), and last, but certainly not least, this t-shirt...
Further proof that my children hear everything, and my family knows me oh so very well. Never mind the fact that I was the one trying to track down an orange shirt yesterday, with no success. This shirt was an emergency grab by her father, after the kids texted him of our failure. Oh, and really, never mind that we saw this same orange shirt in Target on our quest, and it was deemed "not acceptable". I caught on later in the day that I would be the recipient of said shirt, but this was not at all what I expected when she asked for help tracking down the fabric markers.

I may not have a crown, but have certainly been our own version of queen-for-the-day so far. Breakfast orders were taken...donut and bagel consumed. These boxes arrived with the breakfast delivery...
Super lame wrapping job, I know, am not sure how many folks he was shopping for, but only four of us live here! I felt my head blitz a little after hoovering the custard doughnut, so I must take precautions before digging into the rest of this gloriousness!

Yes, life is sweet. Yes, I have stopped pouting. Yes, I have much to celebrate! Happy Birthday to me, indeed!


  1. Happy Birthday INDEED!!!!

    Love, Mom

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! It sounds like you have a wonderful family that loves you very much!

    Enjoy your day!

  3. It sounds like a wonderful start, family and food. Hope the rest of your days is as enjoyable (without the pity party.)

  4. Happy Birthday to you. Thanks for stopping bu my blog. I am already a follower for your blog. Holy pastries...

  5. Hope in a Jar, if you're interested...Hope in a Jar, if you're not interested


  6. Happy birthday. No pity party either. More birthdays are better than the alternative :)

  7. Happy birthday! The pastries looks incredibly dangerous so he did well. :) May your coming year bring you even more happy moments like these.

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    Just Sayin'

    Thanks for keeping a smile on my face!

    jenny at dapperhouse

  9. Happy birthday! Those pastries look amazing. I laughed about the 2 stuffed toys and he caught on and wanted both.

  10. Happy Birthday Dear! I hope you had a wonderful day, your treats look yummy!

  11. Happy happy day, Andrea! Looks like your loves spoiled you.

  12. Geeze, how did I miss this post? Happy belated birthday! Glad you had family to spend it with and all those sweet looking yummilisious things! hehe

  13. Happy belated birthday to you, Andrea! I love how your family melted your "grinchy" heart. :-)

    Also, you've been awarded!

  14. 1) Way to start me off with the ol' introductory pap smear blog
    2) If my daughter EVER asks me for help finding fabric markers I don't think I would automatically just go. . . "here. . . go nuts".
    3) Happy Birthday!

  15. Is item #2 a donut sandwich?? Sounds like you had an awesome haul!