Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Random leftovers

Well, I guess it is time to eat again as I am no longer full from Thanksgiving feasting! Luckily, there are Christmas cookies on the counter. Unfortunately, my plans for heading to decorate them with the Queen of Culinary Quirks today fell through when the boy child stayed home with a sore throat. I was so disappointed that the decorator bags and tips would not be flying...and that I would not be able to try to swipe some of her, bound to be fancier, finished products to pass off as my own. At this point, it would be acceptable to just make the frosting and dunk them in, right?

In an attempt to make myself feel better about today's disappointment, I decided that a to-do list was in order, so that I could revel in other accomplishments. That was not necessarily a grand idea, as I was quickly overwhelmed as I pondered who I thought I was to be galavanting around leaving a sprinkle trail when I had so much to do. The list is not quite half done (six out of sixteen, but really only twelve I might actually do), and since this blog post was on it, here I am. Speaking of things not on the list...I did not have "break garbage disposal" written down, but now that I have done so, I will have to add "fix it"! I also neglected to add "suck up blanket with Oreck in order to make laundry room super stinky", but I did that too.

On with the Random...

On the way downstate, we passed a septic system cleaning van, whose proud owners had named the "STOOL BUS". Had to be mentioned, but not further discussed (or disgust).

I did not go on the city field trip the day after Thanksgiving, but sent along the camera. Here is one of the shots that came back...

I did not judge, mind you, as I have my own irrational fears, but I never understood how some people could be afraid of clowns. However, after finding these gems in my mother-in-law's attic, I totally get it.

Perhaps I was too quick to question the faux denim Huggies diapers. I had no idea what true genius was at work there, or that they'd be popular enough to start a trend...
It gets chilly where we live, so maybe soon they will come out with a full length version! (Please note that I am happy to see that there is a cause, and I think the packages for the wipes are very festive.)

I had a brief discussion with a friend about Sunday night's Amazing Race. Since I hadn't watched it yet, she was just telling me about how she and her daughter wanted the Belgian Waffles they showed, and how they made do with some from their freezer. The snack sounded okay, but I really couldn't imagine myself having a waffle craving. Here's what happened half way through our viewing of the episode.
I even ran some frozen raspberries under warm water to get them apart. Mind you, I don't think I have ever had anything other than butter or syrup on my waffles before.

Thanks to Stacy for giving us somewhere to put our random leftovers! Stop over and visit to see what randomness other folks are rocking today!


(And there are now seven things checked off the list.)


  1. I was thinking of doing cut out cookies this year and actually dipping them in a thin glaze and then a nice thick frosting for the decorative details. Please note I said "was" and "thinking". It's never going to happen! haha Have a great week!

  2. Wow, seven things off your list! You're like a superwoman or something!

    I am jealous.

  3. I've managed one thing so far, drop off relatives at the airport. Next is the grocery store but I don't wanna do that. At All.

    Nor the laundry
    or the dishes
    or the general cleaning.

    I want to drink apple cider and watch movies all afternoon!

    Happy RTT!

  4. Mmmm... Belgian waffles! I don't watch the Amazing Race, but sometimes tells me I would have been seriously drooling!

    My list is never ending.

  5. I totally hope I have a free weekend for cookies this year!!!

  6. First, I would eat those cookies faster than I could decorate them. And I'm one of those people scared of clowns. Creepy little buggers lol.

  7. I got through my list today.... YAY ME!!!! (It does not happen often)....

    I need a good gluten-free waffle recipe!!!


  8. all those thoughts colliding in your brain! are you me? glad I am not the only one who seeks out food after watching a certain TV show (very bad when watching Top Chef as I do not own half those ingredients).


  9. I am laughing so hard at the Mei Dick photo!!! OMG! Ok, NOW I see why you were so happy to see the sugar cookies on my blog that do not require frosting ;-) Hope your son is feeling better and I hope you got more done on your to-do list today!

  10. Hahahahaha, you are cracking me up! Now I have a craving for Belgian waffles. And those CLOWNS! Bahahahahahahaha! Eeek! I hope by the time I'm an octogenarian, they will make denim diapers in adult size.