Monday, November 7, 2011

Just say "thank you"

So my husband recently got to choose an item from the "peer-to-peer" award list, and while his new duffle bag is super swell and a nice upgrade from the one he had been using for his referee supplies, the concept still cracks me up. I could tell he was not as amused as I was about the reward system, but that did not keep me from asking numerous questions and trying (poorly) to stifle my giggles. I wondered aloud, if the prospect of receiving one of these awards was truly motivating. Adding to my amusement was the fact that the duffle bag he selected came embroidered with his company's logo on it. For your information (and jealousy), here are some of the other fine items he could've chosen from:
-BBQ set
-Beach towel (next thing to strive for)
-Emergency tool kit
-Divot repair tool (with 3 golf balls)
-plus ten more!

If there were purses, shoes or gift cards on this list, my friend (whose husband works for the same company) and I would have them giving each other awards every other month. Sadly, the pair of movie tickets award has been discontinued.

I tried to envision an adult taking the time and energy to notice a coworker's efforts, and clicking on the appropriate buttons to assign an award. There are limits, mind you, and an individual can only give out six awards per year, but I think the amount of swag you can receive is unlimited. When I asked my husband if the days of just sending someone an email that said "Thanks for helping out!" or "Great work on that project!" (or just saying those things out loud) were gone. He responded that it was possible to send a thank you as well. That is not just an email from one's own computer that has the words "thank you" in it, but more like an egreeting, special company issued note of thanks. It's for when you want to do more than send an email of your own that says "thank you", but don't think a duffle bag, or other token gift, is warranted. [I was not even trying not to look amused by this point.] I pleaded with him to admit that he found some humor in the gift compensation, while I pondered whether it was a program that might do well at the junior high school.

The other day, the awarded one sent me an email requesting my assistance in choosing a color for an overnight sized (I was corrected, and this is bigger than the duffle size) bag. I was intrigued as to what he had done to have this latest carryall bestowed upon himself. Apparently he served on some safety committee.

Well, yesterday I worked for five hours outside hauling flower garden debris by the wheelbarrow full across the street to be dumped. I did this while the husband shared his disappointment in the Bills' defeat, along with thousands of others, at Ralph's stadium. Yes, the twelve year old who still lives in a little corner of me was looking for a pat on the back when I told him about the job I had done. He told me I could've left the piles for him. Um, first of all, cutting the stuff down was no picnic...second, it's dark before he pulls in the driveway, so they'd have sat a long time...third, I was not complaining, just informing. Now, not only can I not walk easily, due to the burning pain in the backs of my legs, for using what must be weed pulling muscles; but, I got no email, no fancy correspondence...AND NO DAMN GIFT SELECTIONS!


  1. I could use a new duffle bag.

  2. A nice new duffle bag is always useful to smuggle new shoes or handbags into the house....
    I haven't yet decided if your husbands company award system is clever or lame.... Cute though!

  3. My husband got a beach bag from a sales rep one time. It had Valtrex written all over it. Only later I found out it was a medication used for Herpes. Hubs thought it was funny I used it the WHOLE SUMMER to go to the pool. Me, not so much...

  4. Yeah, we don't ever get anything like that here.

    You know what I got for working 20 years in the same school district? A KEY CHAIN.

    You're too nice to your husband--I would have made mine give me a massage for doing all that work!

  5. Gift selection?! Awards?! Special emails??? GAH! That duffle bag had better be stuffed with something for you. Oy.

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  7. You should use your web powers to create a site where he can log in from work and email his gratitude and send you a variety of presents. :D

  8. I second Angie's idea. But don't include the fancy correspondence on the list. Nothing but swag :)