Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Random leaves and thoughts in the air

Speaking of leaves, my grandmother is taking her time getting worked up about the leaves in her yard this year. It will happen though, as it does every year. She is just distracted by the bushes that she thinks need trimming. I got that phonecall today, as I might've made the offer yesterday, out loud, to help...before my brain could stop me. The reason autumn's glory carpeting her yard agitates her is that the leaves are NOT from her trees. Yes, she has trees, but her leaves are much more compliant about not making pests of themselves. The trespassers are from the neighbor's yard...her neighbor of forty years, and we are talking huge trees, nothing recently planted just to cause trouble.

OK, what is with the "text enhance" and the green double lines, and why isn't anybody else talking/complaining about it? Am I the only one who doesn't know how to make it go away? I have nothing against the color green, or double lines for that matter. I just find it distracting and hate when I accidentally click on them. Maybe it's just me?

I fully accept the fact that Sunday football game advertisements are targeted at dudes...beer drinking, boob loving, little blue pill needing dudes. I do wish they would take in to consideration the fact that kids like sports too, but whatever. I was a little disappointed to see that the gameshow network is targeting senior citizens. Really? Is that who's watching Baggage and the Newlywed Game (besides my kids, who by the way, don't need portable catheters.) I think it is safe to say that the Food Network has a strong following of food lovers and decent cooks, so why are they running Arby's commercials?! And thank you very much Nickelodeon for running Glucosin weight loss ads. A little something extra for my eleven year old daughter to ponder, as she hopes to not need Proactiv (no matter how fabulous Jessica Simpson's skin looks).

I wish Wendy's drive thru wouldn't try to confuse me by putting a lid on my Frosty, with a opening in the top, and giving me a spoon that doesn't fit in it. Nor were they planning to give me a straw.
(BTW...I was stopped at a light, and my copilot was helping.)

Now I am torn about my wishes for Princess Kate. This commemorative tin of tea is not even a fraction of the price, AND I would have Prince What's His Face to gaze longingly at over my cup of English Breakfast tea. Two styles to choose from...oh, the indecision!
I would've gladly paid $50 for some of that!!!!
For $24.99 you get self-esteem with the knock off boots (oops, not pictured)...to make you feel confident about not spending five times that on Ugg's.

Aack! (Channeled my inner Cathy there.) Look what those butterflies did to the butterfly bush! Unless it was the wind?

Note to self: Yes, those new vitamins you're taking are really huge, but don't break them in half. Clearly the shape of a whole one has something to do with you not nearly choking on them, or having the edge scratch so much on the way down!

Phew! All of that random was getting heavy to tote around. Thanks so much to Stacy for giving us somewhere to unload! Stop on by, and pay her a visit!



  1. LMAO Omg! I have no clue what to comment on other than, I love Wendy's Frosty's!!

  2. Love the randoms today. I needed the giggles. Thank you!

  3. Okay how much coffee did you drink pre-blog. Or was it tea?

  4. oh, I so want the self esteem for $25. Is that the going rate now, or did you have a coupon?


  5. Hehe, yes a lot of "random" floating around in the head is bothersome isn't it? Must feel good to unload it on us...now we have it, thanx!

  6. There are so many things I love about this post. Self Esteem at half price? Check. Commemorative Tea? Check check. And the picture of the frosty is just plain awesome.

  7. *randomlicious* I have no idea what you are talking about with the text enhance and green double line thingie. Blogger gives me fits, but thankfully I have not run into this particular problem yet!

    Your blog loaded really quickly today, but a couple of days ago, I could not get it to load very well, if at all...I meant to email you and I am so sorry I did not do it!