Friday, April 5, 2019

E is for...

Empire State of Mind Part 2...Alicia Keys, 2009

The time has finally come when I ought to celebrate the aughts and the music they brought for the a-z challenge this year

No disrespect to Jay-Z, but this is the version of Empire State of Mind I love best. It feels inspirational, empowering, and makes me feel like I can DO something. Unfortunately, I rarely know what. I seem to recall times when this song convinced me that I could last a few more minutes on the elliptical though. (Super lofty goals here.) There's nothing you can't do!


  1. and hey.....Billy Joel wrote New York State of Mind. He can sing it. That's the juice.
    Alicia does justice to her Empire version

  2. I just sent this song to Anna this week and said it always reminds me of her. She said it's her favorite all-time song.

    When I was in NYC a few years ago (for the first time ever), this song was in my head the ENTIRE time. :)

  3. I totally feel the same way about this song! I was in grad school when it came out, and it meant that I could accomplish the dreams earning an MFA would grant me (spoiler alert: NONE!). I still listen to it to feel good about my crazy dreams, though.

    - Allison

  4. Great song!

    Ronel visiting from the A-Z Challenge with Music and Writing: The E