Monday, December 19, 2016

The way it crumbles

What? Another cookie post? But you just fed us cookies the other day. 

This is true; however, do you really only have/bake/dream about cookies for one day during the holiday season? I think not. 

On a recent visit to my grandmother's house, I got out her recipe box to use as a sort of conversation piece. I also wondered if there was some long forgotten recipe we should start making again, maybe something with mincemeat - no thank you. Some people have treats that only show up in December, but my grandmother was an every celebration needs cookies kind of a lady. Sure, there were raisin drop, chocolate chip or sugar cookies for everyday baking, but a whole other cast of characters showed up for cookie platters. Nuts and chocolate ruled the trays. The frosting color and sprinkle selection on the Italian cookies were the dynamic features.

When I started baking for the holidays, I never really made any of my grandmother's cookies because she was still making them. Instead, I would make something completely different to add to the overabundance of bite sized offerings. Spritz, cut-outs, gingerbread. Eventually I had small hands helping in my kitchen, belonging to people with their own likes and dislikes. 

As I perused the recipe cards, I realized that while I longed for the days when those cookies seemingly appeared out of a spotless kitchen, I was not necessarily a big fan of many of them.
But there was such comfort in the familiarity. 


  1. I know what you mean. My grandmother made cutout sugar cookies at Christmas. They were rather bland but made with love. I do miss them. Cheers to you

  2. I didn't like all of my mother's Norwegian treats, but I miss having her around to make them.


  3. I remember when I first expressed interest in holiday baking I was in Jr. High and got the slice and bake sugar cookies, then I learned to make gingerbread cookies. I love to bake for the holidays....this year is very ambitious too.

  4. I liked the arrows for their help in organizing your notes.