Thursday, December 22, 2016


Yes, I admit, I had some less than festive feelings today. I am pretty sure it all started when I let my chocolate intake dip below typical daily standards. I tried to recover with a freshly baked gingerbread man. He did his best, but surprisingly did not offer to help with any of my list items, so I just scribbled "gingerbread" off the list and moved on. 

As I was cleaning the bathroom, I heard the unmistakable sound of the Whos. My heart did not necessarily grow three sizes, I mean I was cleaning bathrooms after all (while someone else was watching tv), but there was some comfort in the Grinch's plight.

Recharge those batteries, and don't forget to find time to relax!


  1. chocolate is a necessity
    so is cleaning unfortunately
    i like your daily relations and encouragements!
    yes, we need to take breaks among the work =)
    merry christmas! and thanks for stopping by my Cradle Rock blog tour at Heathers!

  2. I feel like gingerbread is not your best move. You can't send in a ginger man to do a chocolate's job.

  3. To be honest, as pretty as my decorations are, I'm looking forward to having my house back to normal.

  4. Do you need a chocolate delivery service?


  5. Send in the chocolate reinforcements! And no more housework until after Christmas.

  6. I love your artwork and follow you pots this very minute!