Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Return of the Random

Hey, how are you? Give me a second just to wipe away some of these cobwebs. I know Foz was here recently, but his housekeeping skills are terrible (as are his current housebreaking skills, but we won't go there). I took a little look-see through my phone to find what had built up for me to share, and joy of joys, there were a few items!

We took our annual Black Friday trip, for no particular reason, into Manhattan. My father chose this awesome Matchbox car carrying case of a parking lot, and I was fascinated. 

I didn't get to see any fabulous stacking action actually take place because the rest of the squad had other goals. We found grace where we least expected it...
...and the Grinch as well.
 We also found rice balls...
 ...seriously, visions of rice balls still dancing in my head! Two of those had mac and cheese in them, and were not shared. My brothers and I had more straight up versions. My son only provided a peek of this nutella filled cinnamon coated delight...
I would seriously rather have those rice balls right now than peanut m&m's...(sigh). Those were apparently my city highlights, despite having plenty of time to photograph the line I waited in at the Nintendo store.

Look! Squirrel!
So distracting, and moderately hypnotizing. After tearing myself away, I am not sure what caught my eye first on this one...
...the price or the product! 

Ah, a little shopping done, a few more decorations flung with little care, maybe a glass of wine? Oh look, this glass I ran across today (in someone else's house) has little snowflakes in it. How seasonal! (ew.)


  1. Nutella! Nutella and cinnamon! YES! So Foz's pee-pee problems continue? Stella has soaked my living room rug so many time that the ammonia burns my eyes if I try to sit on the couch for more than two minutes.


  2. Poor Foz.....he's prolly angry he didn't get one of the rice balls.
    What's with the wine? Snowflakes in wine....is that a thing?

  3. I've never heard of rice balls but they look like something I could get addicted to.

  4. OH EM GEE. I took a picture of that same GRACE building when I was in NYC!!!!!!!
    I won't share the link here because I hate self promotion but remind me to show it to you on Facebook!

    And I could have spent all day at the matchbox parking lot.

  5. black friday in Manhattan - I am jealous. Tasty food and delightful windows. Fun random post. And enjoy the season!!

  6. The Grinch sure is raking in the green! And mmMMmmm! Those rice balls look soooo yummy. The thought of rice and nutella is a little weird at first, but it's something I'd definitely be up for trying! If that cup weren't someone's science experiment, it could definitely be a pretty design -- take note, Crate & Barrel!

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