Friday, December 30, 2016

Festivus Friday

My last Friday before the new year?! Apparently SOMEBODY thinks it would be poor form for me to start out 2017 with complaints next week. She thinks I should try harder to find the good or some such nonsense. Hopefully I did not miss the Festivus window and have time for one last grievance? (Make no mistake, I have several grievances, but dictation is exhausting.)

Some of you may already been privy to this incident, as there was a facebook post the night it happened (clearly not a Friday, so I was not allowed to post here). It was a chilly evening for most folks, so the girl child put a fleece on me. I grumbled at her when she tried to fasten the velcro waistband, and she took the hint for a change and backed away.

The two elder humans came home, and were immediately puzzled by my lack of enthusiasm to see them. I just kept pleading with my eyes waiting for someone to get a clue. See that flap...
...the one laying on the carpet? That, my friends, is a super industrial strength velcro flap and it was stuck to the carpet! Those hundreds of mighty loops had my fourteen pounds of brawn seriously outnumbered. I keep telling you that no good can come from making me wear clothes!

May your New Year's Eve be filled with love, laughter and delicious snacks! (Oh my gosh, I hope there are good snacks)


  1. Aw! Poor little dude!!! I don't blame you for bringing out the Festivus pole, For. I hope you have a happy 2017, Sweetie!

  2. Doh! Foiled by velcro! Hahaha! Hope you've been unhooked by now. Happy new year to the four legged and two legged, all!

  3. Aw Foz....sorry to have a laugh at your expense but.... Happy New Year you guys!

  4. that's a great way to end the year -stuck to the long as there are some crumbs to lick
    Happy New Year! Keep laughing

  5. LOL, poor Foz! Velcro can be tricky for doggies. Happy New Year

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