Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Flaky random

I know you are busy, so I will keep this brief. Wait, are you here so you can pretend to be busy and avoid other things? Well now I feel like I should offer something more substantial. I will see what I can do, but if you are in a hurry, don't worry it will not necessarily be anything of actual substance. 

[Oh, was there a blog post started here? Hm, yes, I recall doing that yesterday, so I would be ready to go today. The photos are even here already. Yet here I am at 8:15 P.M.]

Let's shake out some random, including some essentials I found while looking for something in my purse. I am clearly prepared for a variety of situations...
...Feeling like you need a little Jolly, chocolate or simply a lifesaver? A little bit of love, and a penny for your thoughts or good luck. Most important of all? That googly eye obviously! All three of those candies, by the way, are totally appropriate to have individually wrapped. But these...
...Jelly Belly, are you kidding me? Unwrapping individual jellybeans goes against how I eat them. I need a handful that I can assess and choose from, which does not leave me an extra hand to deal with plastic! I mean, I would find a way.

Well it just started snowing out here again. There is something about sparkling snowflakes and the beauty of a fresh blanket of white. Ah. Simply...
...oh hell no, Kotex (period)


  1. That Kotex ad is just wrong. Not as bad as the V.I. Poo commercial. Jelly Belly is really individually wrapping their beans? Are they insane??

  2. Let it flow? Fuck me. Pardon my French.


  3. Oh good grief, Kotex. Individually wrapped jelly beans. Who knew that was a thing!

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