Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Candy Random

My mom went to Cape Cod and all I got was this lousy…
 …wait a second, this is not lousy at all! I mean, I am usually about the rocks and shells when we go to the beach, but somehow neglect turtles!
Adorably delicious! 

And then at the other end of the delightfulness spectrum... 
 …caramel apple Twizzlers. Go home Twizzlers, you're drunk! Come back when you're feeling more like your cherry or strawberry self. Such a dark place that took me to. (As you can see, I had to eat the whole piece just to convince myself of what was happening with that too sweet caramel center that had violated the apple licorice.) Luckily I found something specifically for the occasion...
…at least I assumed that the "DARK" was indicative of the symptoms this would cure.


  1. Oh, wowsers, I'm so jealous. I had an idea for a t-shirt like the ones people used to buy that said my parents went to vegas and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. I told Willy Dunne Wooters I want a shirt that says my daughter went to Berkeley and got a PhD and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. Willy Dunne Wooters said, That would just be bragging. Well, yeah. So?


  2. Gee I live on Cape Cod and I don't buy those things. lol I was up in Truro a couple years ago at the lighthouse and in the giftshop there was candy called 'lobster poop'. I didn't buy it.

  3. Some things should not be messed with and Twizzlers are one of those things! Stuffed with caramel......hrmph! What were they thinking??

  4. Caramel apple twizzlers? Eww! Turtles, however...

  5. So the caramel apple Twizzlers were gross?
    I have seen them in the store and wondered.
    For some reason, I am tempted to buy all the caramel apple everything this time of year but some things are just best left alone.
    Like Oreos.
    And Twizzlers.

  6. Those twizzlers look horrid. But then again, I'm a twizzler purist. Only strawberry for me!!