Friday, September 25, 2015

Fine collectible

These people in this house with their alleged "collectibles". Some of it is clutter I say, perhaps junk even. They have some nerve making comments about the things I find interesting to hang onto. Just a little autumn splendor tucked in my beard.
Another day, another leaf for my "collection". 
 I thought I could hide this one on my back paw, but these people are all over me! 
What do you collect? Photos of adorable shih-tzus? Allow me to complete the set. I look best in 8x10 glossy!


  1. Aw Foz! Don't feel bad....I collect so much stuff too. The amount of rocks I've brought home from the beach is getting out of control but I just can't seem to stop. And all the various souvenir items every time I go somewhere. And marbles. And craft supplies.

  2. Very cute. My Polly has long hair as well, and something is always stuck in either her beard or her tail.

  3. Foz, it's me - Abby. Mom won't let me collect leaves so I eat them. Mom tries to fish them out of my mouth but I'm too fast. Lol

  4. I need an adorable ShihTzu.
    Just so I can say the word Sh#$ without getting in trouble.

  5. Hehehehehe. I think it's time I start a collection of Foz pictures. Just Foz and only Foz! Foz all the time!

  6. Foz needs an Instagram account. All the cuteness!