Friday, September 11, 2015

Humbled, he grumbled

Thanks to all of your kind comments and support. Fozzie's ego was getting a bit out of control, but then he saw this...
I had no choice but to tell him about the first Fozzie to capture my heart. He says he is up for some friendly competition, can you tell?
Wocka, wocka!


  1. I wondered if that was the Foz's namesake!!! Lol! As long as he still gets treats, I have a feeling that everything will be okay!

  2. I LOVE Fozzie bear! And your Foz too!

  3. He looks really concerned about the competition. Lol

  4. He will be the only Fozzie for me.
    But now Kermit.....that is another story.