Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Random Reality Replay

My daughter is a high school sophomore today. Despite the fact that she was a high school freshman last year, the weight of those words never really registered. Our district houses teens in some funky way such that the freshmen do not spend their days in the hallowed halls of the big house high school. Instead the ninth graders are contained in the hormone infested junior high, along with the eighth graders. I swear you can feel the angst just driving past that place. 

This morning she was headed for that building that holds students until graduation. This is the real deal. Luckily, Foz decided he should go for a walk right around the same time his girl was heading out for her hike to the bus stop. Make no mistake, we were not walking her to the bus stop. I am not a rookie! (I just act like one at certain times of the year.) We planned to turn left at the corner when she turned right.

Me - Wow, so have fun today!
Her - (type, type, type)
Me - I love you.
Her - I love you too.
Me - I am so proud of you.
Foz - Abort, abort! Woman, you are dancing too close to the flame, now shut up already. Nobody is going to buy your alleged "allergy eyes" excuse!


  1. Wow! I do not want to feel teen angst ever again. Unless I have a grandchild. On my daughter's first day as a sophomore in high school, she was in chemistry class when the order arrived for everyone to go to the chapel. There, the Head of School announced that two planes had hit the World Trade Center. Classes were canceled. The school set up big screen TVs all over the campus so the kids could follow the news. The students came from all over the world, so some had parents who worked in New York or D.C. One girl's father ate breakfast in the trade center, walked out, and saw the first plane hit the building. I don't think my daughter will ever forget that first day of school, and neither will I. I had just returned from driving her to school when I turned on Today and heard Matt Lauer say some crazy air traffic control problem must have occurred. Then the second plane hit. Here we are, almost to another 9/11, which is also my oldest sister's birthday. I hope your daughter likes school, and I hope everyday is as peaceful as it can be for a teenager.


  2. I think we can all relate to teen angst, Andrea...such a well-chosen phrase for going into the "High School" as the low class on the totem pole. Good luck to your daughter and dry up those tears!

  3. hahaha Kids, right? Love her backpack, it's really cool. Back in 1976 when the new high school opened in my hometown, 7-12 moved up there and were in the same school. 7 & 8 had classes together, and our own gym and lunch, but we were in the halls with all the 'big kids' too.

  4. I'm starting to feel like the worst mom ever as I push these kids out of the minivan while slowing down to 5 mph.

  5. Hahaha, too funny. Foz is so wise

  6. Ohmygersh. They grow up too fast! My oldest is a senior this year. Sigh

  7. LOL, yep it is a fine line. Where I live the freshmen are in the high school with the sophmores, juniors, and seniors so this was the year for my daughter.

  8. After many years of teaching Freshmen, they shouldn't be in the Big House with the upper clansmen. They are a different breed altogether. I hope your daughter has a wonderful Sophomore year.

    BTW good call, Foz!