Sunday, November 16, 2014

Superhero Sunday - Supergeniuses

Perhaps you read that our computer was ill. The folks at the genius bar tried a dose of something or other that didn't work. Their next proposed treatment plan was to wipe out the entire hard drive to fix the software...thousands of photos, thousands of words. Yes, we are those people, the ones who did not have a backup hard drive. They told my husband there was no other way.

I collected myself and called the little nearby computer place. I explained all that I knew from what the geniuses had said and asked if there was any hope, and they told me to bring it in. My husband rescued our computer from being damaged produce and delivered it to The Computer Outlet.

I got a call a couple of days later letting me know that our computer had been worked on all day...with NO problems. "Um, you mean it started?" "Yes." "And everything is there?" "Yes."

So pretend this cape is on Jeff, the superhero, from The Computer Outlet on Route 11 in Cicero. Had he not been so patient and helpful on the phone, we'd have let some other alleged genius wipe out our computer's memory...along with many other very precious ones! (And yes, that would be our new external hard drive under the Lego taxi.)
(Also, please pretend that cape is not so wrinkled!)


  1. Oh, I have been in your shoes, but I am so fortunate to have my son who is a computer tech, living with us! He managed to save my photos and documents on a thumb drive. Woo hoo! From now on I am loading all my photos to snapfish or somewhere in the "cloud" so I never lose them!

  2. Getting a 2nd opinion paid off. Woohoo

  3. Thank goodness you asked for a second opinion.
    If it wasn't for my computer tech savvy nephew, I would have lost everything when my computer decided to have a nervous breakdown.

  4. I don't have an external hard drive - I really should get one though. I have a lot of stuff I would hate to lose.

  5. Pffft, so much for those so-called geniuses. Hooray for Jeff! A superhero indeed!

  6. Hooray for the REAL computer nerds! So glad they saved your computer! And good call on the external hard drive. :)