Thursday, November 20, 2014


While I have apparently mastered the notion of seeking out some sort of career and going back to work, many facets of that process elude me. The resume was updated, and I even managed to choke out a cover letter. Today I had an interview scheduled for 11:00. In other words, plenty of time to realize I had no idea what to wear. I know, I know, we've danced this dance around here before. I began the process just before 10:00.

Black pants seemed acceptable, as I told myself it was far too frigid out for anyone to expect me to wear a skirt. (Never mind that I do not have a cold weather suitable option, nor nylons for that matter.) I pulled layers together to give myself some sort of style, while making sure that if the office was roasting, I would still have on a somewhat sensible ensemble at the core (as long as I kept my snazzy scarf on). I pondered my hairstyle in relation to the wind I had been listening to all morning. Note to self: remember to shiver slightly and fluff hair upon walking in commenting on the blustery weather. Hmmm...pretty sure the sunkissed glow of summer skin left months ago. It was certainly cold enough out to give me some pink cheeks, but would the interview last longer than my color? I just sort of started rummaging around in the bin I have assigned to makeup. I stared down that foundation, but feared the risks outweighed any possible rewards. Mascara and a scribble of eyeliner it was! There was a short-lived swipe of lipstick from the nineties that fell victim to a piece of tissue.

I gave some thought to the strengths and weaknesses question, as I figured it was inevitably going to make an appearance. Here is the one I was not expecting, and completely unprepared for...If you could do anything at all, what would it be? I admitted that I did not have a readily available answer. I rambled on a bit about how that question can be difficult for parents to answer because for so long we have so many other things to consider...blah, blah, blah. Was I supposed to say "this job right here"? Nobody was going to buy that. Here are a few possibilities I didn't think of until I got home...
  • "I wanna be a millionaire, so freakin baaaad" (obviously sung while standing on my chair)
  • "A pretty pretty princess"
  • "Background dancer for J Lo"
Maybe I will make it to the second round of interviews and they will ask again...I think I will say be a writer, unless you have another suggestion.


  1. Good luck! I haven't actively looked for work in awhile but I am running into the age problem. It's not hard to figure out how old I am based on my work history, even though I dropped my year of college graduation off the resume.

  2. How about "the owner of the premier collection of creepy monkey figurines". I bet no one else would have that answer. You'd stand apart from the crowd. Seriously though, good luck. My advice, do as much advance research on the company as possible and find a way to mention something in the interview. We look for someone that's done their homework.

  3. Good luck! Don't you hate how you always think of the best answers after the fact? Although in this case, that may have been to your advantage. ;)

  4. "God. Not A god, YOUR God." That won't creep them out too much. Or you could say, "If I could do anything right now, I'd get drunk! Up top!" Then wait for them to give you a high-five. Good luck.