Tuesday, November 18, 2014

RaNdOmly running out of names for it

Sometimes when I sit down to write a blog post, I let myself get held up just trying to think of a title. Always admire alliteration...rhyme time's sublime...themes are helpful too. What to do when I just have a few disconnected and truly random things to share though? How can I distinguish one pooh flinging week in the jungle from the last? How many trains of thought leave for other stations in the time it takes me to decide on a title? Maybe in 2015, if I haven't run out of random, I will just number the weeks. Yes, that idea makes me feel less anxious already. Since I have randomly filled in the blank at the top of this post, I guess we are good to go...for now.

Are large black trash bags just not cutting it for you? Do you need a way to throw away smaller sized items without anybody knowing what they are? No, that's not overly specific or shady at all. Hefty has you covered, even if your secret garbage, that you need to keep in the dark, smells.

And now a couple of items courtesy of the Monkey in the Field...

Speaking of "in the dark", you will have to sleep with the light on (I guess the mask makes that easier) in order for your spouse to read the message...
...make sure to keep your face readily visible so there is no confusion.

It is always encouraging when word emerges that a cure has been found. I did not realize that cold feet AND ankles had reached epidemic levels. Wait, let me check again to see what these things are called...
 ...Mocsocks. Sounds familiar, yet so different. $25 seemed pricey at first, but this is a CURE, people! I can only hope that the same team is currently hard at work developing something for when my hands are freezing.

Until next week...
Stacy Uncorked


  1. Wow. Socks that keep your feet warm. Huh. Why hasn't anyone ever thought of that before?

  2. I need one of those Mocsocks for my head...

  3. Mocsocks would be great for me. This concrete slab the house sits on gets ice cold in winter.

  4. The blackout garbage bags were created for bodies, I totally believe that.
    I swear I am not a serial killer.

  5. I am so cold right now I would consider a pair of those Mocsocks.

  6. Don't mock the black garbage bags. Enjoy them! They are banned here. All garbage must be in clear bags! You can hide nothing!!

  7. Maybe instead of variations on "random" you can try randomized words like "Gobbledygook" or "Real Life Gibberish"?
    That sleep mask might as well say "not tonight" on both sides. Is there anything less sexy? Maybe if she paired it with super-boxy flannel pajamas fastened together by dozens of bra strap latches to truly ensure her husband cannot find his way to intimacy with her.

  8. I run into the same conundrum on trying to figure out a title... :) Why on god's green earth would anyone think it was a wise idea to put messages on a mask? You'd think that, like PVP said, it might as well say "not tonight" on both sides, because the whole point of wearing a mask (which I do not, though some days I should to block out all light!) is to actually get sleep, so advertising you're 'hot tonight'? So not hot. ;)

    I'm currently mocking the Mocsocks. Especially a $25 price point.

    Ooooh! Black Out AND odor block! Perfect for wrapping up body parts, no? >;o)~

    Thank you so much for being such an awesome random friend!! :)

  9. Oooh, yes, I saw an ad for those garbage bags in the back of Serial Killer Weekly. Must haves.
    Now if they can only find a cure for cold shins and knees too. Hmm....

  10. I thought the cure for cold feet and ankles was socks...or am I being to obvious?