Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Oh hey! You're back, and so is Iris...
She started in my great-grandmother's garden, and then was shared with my grandmother, then my mother, then me!

There is so much mental clutter to tackle this week! It doesn't help matters that THIS was handed to me across the kitchen table the other day...
Oh I have fallen in monkey love indeed! How could I not? These are fully functional...FULLY FUNCTIONAL...shakers. Every time I think I can move on with my life, the creepy monkeys pull me back. (If you are new here and need a recap, click here.) Set two is coming soon, so obviously there is no escape in my immediate future.

When I am not browsing for simian treasures, you might find me perusing the lingerie clearance racks. This little number was still $9.00, even though it claimed to be missing a piece, which Mary claimed was probably a halter strap. I just couldn't comprehend the proportions of it.

There is a parent meeting for those of us who have children entering the junior high in the fall. I had no intentions of going, since we've been there done that. However, then I spotted an item on the topics to be covered that made me wonder...
I asked my tenth grade son what he could recall about the "LUNCHROOM" that I might need to know. I am sure it is code for something very suspicious.

Speaking of very suspicious food related items, this was the meal being delivered today from my volunteer post...
We aren't allowed to use salt, but clearly do not concern ourselves with GI health. No bean left behind, with five represented. (I drew the line when it was suggested I add some lima beans to that three bean salad, thereby making it four bean salad...and gross.) Not sure why all of the bang and adventure had to go on the same tray. Oh, and I should mention that the cold sandwich delivered along side of this was egg salad.

Speaking of bang...
Bang-bang shrimp? Yes, please, and cheers to you!

Get yourself a cocktail and go see what Stacy's up to!


  1. Well, NOW I want bang bang shrimp! Again.

    I think it's pretty cool that you have a thriving plant that has been passed down from generation to generation. Rock on Iris.

  2. The most suspicious thing about the LUNCHROOM is that it's in all caps. You must go to the meeting! ;)

  3. Ok, those are some disturbing undies. Wow! But they remind me of a story so indulge me here. Many years ago my grandma was in the hospital dying. She was often moved suddenly to Intensive Care and back in the middle of the night. She was down below 80 pounds and had an assortment of "interesting" roommates. One in particular was large - like very large. Grandma got rushed to ICU again and things looked grim. We decided to unpack her suitcase again after the nurses packed it and the first thing I pulled out was a ratty of pair of ginormous bloomers! Honestly, 5 people could have fit in them. But it was enough to send our family into fits of giggles. It was a needed stress reliever but it was GROSS

  4. Love this post! Fun stuff! I just keep hoping I can keep the ol' granny panties at bay...Ha ha!

  5. The very large underwear did not distract me from getting super-hungry over the bang-bang shrimp. Did it need any salt? Cuz you could totally use those monkey shakers.

  6. Yes, I do remember your quirky obsession with monkeys...especially those extremely real looking little ones.....I thought they were *creeptastic*

    So are you going for the salt and pepper shakers? They would frighten me like Spawn of Chucky.

    Bang bang shrimp! Oh, yum!

    And what's with all the beans? They tell you what to cook? I've never done Meals on Wheels before. Interesting. And I heard on the news that salt is not bad for you....at least that's what they're saying today.

    I need a cocktail after seeing the monkeys, especially this early in the AM.....


  7. Get the monkeys. Go to the meeting. Personally, would be frightened to send my kid to the "LUNCHROOM" without first confirming its true purpose...
    No comment on the granny panties...I'm too sore from the gardening and can't laugh without severe pain. What I need is some Bonefish bang bang (best appetizer on planet) and of course a cocktail. Though I'll probably wait until the kids have all left for school ;-) Just kidding. I'll wait until noon...
    Now to check out your monkey thing. Probably a bit like my sunflower/flamingo thing...
    Tina @ Life is Good

  8. Ah...the LUNCHROOM! I remember it well. A mine field of social trauma. I ended up eating outside with the stoners. Much happier. But I don't suppose there are stoners in high schools anymore, are there?

  9. Oh those bang bang shrimps, have me salivating. And I'm saying nothing about your monkey love. What goes on between two individuals, in the privacy of their home, is none of my business. :)

  10. That meal looks scary! O_o

    Love irises.