Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Huh...must be the random

Let this be a warning that there is some random adult language ahead. Plus, there are these two badass gnomes for you to contend with. My friend, whose garden gnome we kidnapped a couple of years ago (since returned), texted me this pic. I took it as some sort of scare tactic to keep me away from his lawn decorations. Consider yourself warned as well!

Perhaps you remember my soon-to-be eight year old friend from random pics of her signs around her house. There was the request for mail that was "serese bisnise". There was her "spirul" sale at the holidays. I took a minute to ask her mother what she was trying to sound out on this note...

As I put the note back in her basket of papers, I saw another creation that immediately clarified what she and her friends were trying to spell...

Suffice to say, she was not pleased when confronted with these letters, nor was she happy about the mail her mother left telling her that she would not be allowed to have sleepovers if she didn't stop the potty mouth. These pics have been on my phone far longer than I care to admit. I decided it was finally time to share them so that you could appreciate the wooden block photo her mother recently sent me...

We had another concert last week, which meant the good dishes came out again for more fancy food. Thought you might appreciate a peek at the rest of the collection. While there is just an m&m cup on the table, I feel compelled to tell you that the matching cups for these plates are in the cupboard, as are the bowls. No wonder I don't seem to have enough space! Sorry if our DiGiorno pizza is in the way of the fine patterns. I just realized that Blue did not make it to the table.
Do you like how I keep the nice tablecloth on? 

We were out of town and went to the grocery store over the weekend. This particular store managed their express lane a bit differently than what I am used to. Do you have a definite idea of how many items this would be?

As if to further clarify things, the next aisle had this sign...

Still trying to get ourselves in shape for the final stretch of school before summer vacation. Key word in that sentence was "trying". (Another key word would be "procrastinating", or perhaps "pretending".) Not sure this was my finest attempt at pulling together the random, so to apologize, here - have a cookie!



  1. Hahaha! Sorry, I really shouldn't laugh at those letters. But on the plus side, her spelling is coming along fantastically.
    Loving the blinged up, badassed gnomes. And I just had to wipe the saliva from my chin, after looking at those cookies. :)

  2. I have to say, if I got a picture of those gnomes sent to me, I'd probably assume the gnome mafia were coming to repossess my kneecaps.

  3. Hahaha, that little girl has quite the vocabulary! When I was little, my Mom and Grandfather were arguing over something. They never yelled so I didn't like it. I wrote a note on Grandpa's desk that read "Shaddup".
    P.S. I have similar tablecloths (wink) Oh, and I am the bitch in those express lines counting people's items (out loud). However those lines might give my sarcasm less impact!

  4. Methinks you should give the gnome badasses a few of the gnome cookies to avoid a shakedown!

    WTH? What happend to the sweet seven year old.....what's with the notes? :/

  5. OMG, that child's handwriting of those words need to be MARKETED into notecards y'all!!!

  6. Penmanship counts, even with curse words, right? Maybe your young friend is a budding screenwriter, practicing for her first blockbuster.

    Love the gnomes!

  7. Those are some badass gnomes!
    I'm gonna have to get Stormy some new badass clothes and bandanas!
    The cookies look pretty darn good too.

  8. I have really got to get a Sponge Bob for my collection of good dishes. ;)

  9. Man, those gnomes are hard core! You would definitely think twice before swiping one of those, right Andrea? ;)

  10. Funny...kids are amazing and so trying sometimes. Love it!

    Oh...I'm nominating you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award.

    Your blog makes me smile and giggle on days that I really need it. Thank you!

  11. Holy moly! My mom woulda done a whole lot worse to me than not being allowed to have sleepovers. O.o

  12. I really like the phrase "Dear you". It's accurately specific with a slight sense of dominance. I'm going to start using it on all my work e-mails.