Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Randomly we roll along...

I had some other odds and ends of random rattling around, but then today proved to be enough on its own! Any day that starts with cupcakes is a fine day indeed, no?
Um, not if this is how all of them turn out, sticking tongues, or various other body parts at you. I had seventy-two of these things staring at me. It was not a total loss though, due to the amount of laughter and commentary they generated from the other volunteers.

Besides, it kept us from wondering what the alternative method for separating is, and what the bits were being separated from...

Today was my daughter's last orchestra concert at the middle school, thus ending a six year run of my attending concerts there. You can tell it was a special night just by my fancy dinner plate, and meal, alone...
For inquiring minds, the pattern is Woody's Roundup and I believe it was purchased at the Disney Store (ten years ago). Sorry I neglected to photograph the eclectic mix of the other pieces on the table.

Anyway, I had been contemplating getting the orchestra teacher a little something to mark the occasion. I thought about picking up some flowers for days, but then forgot to do it - TODAY. Late this afternoon I came to my senses regarding what the calendar was shouting at me, and ran to Walgreen's for some candy. I was so thrilled when I found this...
Really? This just happened to be on the shelf, saving me from having to make do with a Symphony bar (as I was having trouble pretending a symphony was the same thing as an orchestra). I love it when you really do want someone to know you care, and a last minute gift is even better that what you initially forgot to go pick up!

Stacy is still rocking the random over at her place too, as the hostess with the mostess!


  1. Sheldon played the cello from 4th to 12th grade and even scored a trip to Russia. 8 zillion lessons and concerts later......she only picks up the bow now and again to play at church. Sigh.

  2. The perfect meal, topped by a wonderful concert. You're such a good mom!

    Never mind those cupcakes--they were delicious, and that makes every cupcake pretty!

  3. This may be my favorite random round-up EVER. And I'm sending you shopping for all my "I don't know what to get" gifts from now on.

  4. I am loving the mutant cupcakes! They look like they're ready to plan an attack. I'd still eat em...just to show em whose boss, of course.
    And those cashew crisps, perfect. :)

  5. Love it! My cupcakes never turn out that good! :) And what luck on the cashew crisps :)

  6. Well I for one have never met a cupcake I didn't like...and the mutant ones are just as tasty as the more normal ones! How in the heck did you find the cashew crisps? What do you call that....serendipity or perspicacity? Hmmmmmm.....Or....mayhap your perspicacity led to serendipity? But I digress....

    Y'all are a musical family...I love it! What instruments do y'all play?

  7. I once watched a show where they mechanically separated chicken and, yeah ... you don't want to know. ;)

    Congratulations on completing six years of orchestra concerts! That is quite an accomplishment! <3

  8. Oh man, those cupcakes are a bit obscene. I could only imagine how they could be decorated if they fell into the wrong hands. And by "wrong" I mean MINE. Mwahahaha.

    I can't believe you still have those plates!! We have been purging our house of all of the kiddie stuff like that as of late, since my now 5 year old has deemed himself too old, AKA not a baby, to eat off of kiddie plates, etc. Other things outlawed now that he's a "big kid" . . . naps, booster seats, any assistance doing anything from anyone. I am very impressed that you still maintain the Disney lifestyle in your home.

  9. Aaaaaaahhahahaha, those cupcakes are a riot! When the food you lick tries to lick you back.....