Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dipping a toe into the random

Hey there! It is Tuesday, which may or may not be a news flash to some of you. I considered trying to sing my way back into the random, but finding the right tune just started to seem like yet another procrastination tool. Let's ease into this slowly and talk about the weather, shall we? It was over eighty degrees here today and the annual flying of the white fuzzy things has begun. The only positive thing about the grip seasonal allergies have taken on me is having an excuse for why I look like hell. Yes, I am even blaming the poor judgment I exercised today in wearing a lime green sports bra under a pale yellow shirt on either the lightheadedness caused by the sneezing, or the medicine head once I broke down and took something. (I wish I was kidding, and also wish I had actually been exercising.)

I saw a large sign advertising gift cards available...at the Ford dealership. I am pretty sure I know what I am getting for Mother's Day this year!

I was looking to purge some old emails and ran across this gem I had texted myself back when I worked at the coffeehouse...
Maybe one more reason the place went out of business was because we not only wasted coffee grounds, but also time in collecting them. As I am sure you can imagine, I put every last ground I wasted right into that bucket to make sure I was held accountable.

I was slightly perplexed, as I took my apron off, as to which part of the UNDIVIDED laundry bin to throw it into.

Are you enjoying a springtime worm festival where you are? Do you fear they are taking over? Just to give you some idea of the steroid giants meandering across my driveway, my daughter's sneaker is a size 9!

Perhaps you are enjoying spring, but having a hard time letting go of Christmas? Apparently Santa has an off season job this year...
Only $119.99? For unlimited nightmares?

I was just zoning out for a minute here, and then realized that I was staring at a pile of my son's toenail clippings right here on the desk. Yes, I am the one who put them there, but that is a story for...never! On that note, I think I'd better move along...



  1. Yup, Garden Santa would be responsible for unlimited nightmares! Creepy on so many levels.
    If you're bored, go collect those worms and open a bait stand :)

  2. You NEED that spring time Santa!! Price is no object. Get it, get it! Maybe he'll scare the worms away.

    1. Maybe he could also keep the legions of creepy monkeys in line! Why, oh why must my tastes be so exquisite and pricey!?

  3. Spring has yet to come here. It has been much colder than usual and today was the first day we had rain instead of snow...agh...so no large worms in my neck of the woods. That nightmarish Santa would fit in well, though.

  4. Whoa that worm is scary big.

    I'm sort of looking forward to spring, but only because I'll be in Europe. Otherwise, the only season I can look forward to is Fall, since I live in the southern hemisphere.

  5. That garden/spring Santa is creepy crazy! Especially the price tag. I could 'dress up' one of my existing Santa's to be all spring-y if I were so inclined, but I'm not. Nor would I be inclined to pay that kind of money for something that crazy! LOL! I suppose if I were into collecting Santa's that would be a 'must have'...or maybe not. ;)

    Thank you so much for the laugh over the image of your lime green sports bra under a pale yellow shirt - you are always stylin', aren't you? ;)

    Why on god's green earth did the coffee place keep the dry wasted coffee? That one is a head scratcher - as is the conundrum you found yourself in trying to figure out which part of the undivided hamper thingy you were to put your apron. ;)

    That is one monstrosity of a worm! I better not show PN that - she might want to go out worm hunting to see if she can find a giant one like that. ;)

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  6. Almost $120 for creepy santa? NO WAY. And worms skeeve me out, gaaack!

  7. I really hope we get to hear about the toenail clippings at some point.

  8. Well, if a yellow shirt with green bra is the worst fashion faux pas I commit, I would consider myself lucky. (Considering the fact I nearly went out with a black bra and white t shirt... ahem.) You really need to get some of those worms for fishing bait! Wow.

    And the Santa. That is just weird on so many levels... Meh...


  9. Who thought Santa could look so creepy.

    Yesterday finally felt like spring was here for good. Our elementary school had bike to school day. You may find this funny. Why does and elementary school have a bike to school day? Don't kids just bike to school naturally?

    Not so much at ours. We have one bike rack for 450ish kids. This is because kids from our neighborhood have to cross a 5 lane road. And for many, if they want to cross safely, they have to go either 6 or 8 blocks out of the way to get to traffic signals. They won't do that. So we parents won't let our kids bike to school.

    Until bike to school day when we accompany them.

    So half the kids don't bike cause parents won't let them cross the busy road. The other half live close enough they can walk. Therefore on a given day, there are 5-8 bikes in our school's bike rack.

    The whole point of this rambling story is that me and 4 other moms sat around my garage after picking them up, soaking up the sun while 12-15ish kids ate cookies, drank lemonade and played so nicely together.

    I can't wait for summer. :)

  10. LOL! Thanks for the laugh today. I am totally getting that Santa/Garden Gnome thing-- :D

  11. Eeeeeeeek!!! That Santa is going to give me nightmares! The price tag alone is terrifying.

    Your earthworms remind me that I have promised to take Zane fishing. Scary thought, me with a flying hook...

  12. Do you live on the same island as King Kong?? Holy sh*t that's a big ass worm.

    And toe nail clippings (the words, not the actual items) make me dizzy.

    Better go drink something...

  13. Methinks the Easter Bunny union is going to kick that Santa's @$$!!! :/
    I had no idea you worked @ a coffee house. That would be fun! But the laundry bin is definitely bank. Yes, it is!
    Oh, my allergies and asthma has kicked in! Are you talking about cottonwood trees?