Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Random as usual

Well, let's start out with word that this blog got noticed...by someone working with the store that I mentioned bra shopping at. She makes sure that the store is represented accurately and effectively online. The email she sent hoped that I would link to the store's bra page in my post, but I don't think I can actually encourage anyone to order a bra online (considering how well my fittings go), although the selection there IS fabulous. I was also offered a 10% off code. Um, I got a 30% off coupon in the mail for doing nothing AND the lowest coupon amount that place offers its customers is 15%, so let's try not to be insulted. Moving on...

This guy was all business up front while picking out his beverages, but little did I know...
...about the party in the back. Too late, farewell mullet man.

Not only are the zombies coming...
...but they are bringing disco back! Please let the Solid Gold Dancers be with them.

OK, I saw this hanging on the wall, behind my husband's chair in our third floor French class, at open house last week. I was so darn distracted by its placement and possibilities, yet my son had not noticed it in two weeks of classes. It was pretty close to the door, obviously.
We spent some time with our dear friend google and learned so much about this evacuation chair. I still have concerns over the logistics of finding the room with the chair in an emergency, with hoards of crazed teenagers remaining calm by flipping out. However, I do understand the purpose better, now that my suspicion that it might have been to restrain trouble makers has been put to rest.

I got trapped in my car in the grocery store parking lot yesterday very briefly, but still amusing. As I grabbed my purse off the passenger seat, the woman driving the car to my left scooted her mini cart in to unload her groceries right next to my door. Now, I would think that she saw me pull in since she had to walk past the back of my recently parked car to get to her location. I figured she'd throw a bag in, realize a woman was staring at her from the van 3 feet away and move a little, or at least move a little faster. Nope. Six bags were slowly transferred into her car. Then she paused to reflect for a moment or two. Then she and her cart moved along, and she never looked back even when I got out of my car. I did have the camera phone out at one point aimed at her, but really didn't have a good feeling about it.

Moving back...the problem with starting a post earlier in the day and then doing things like taking girl child to the orthodontist and making dinner, is that life keeps right on happening...emails keep right on rolling in. Yes, I received a second email from the department store protector! Since her initial email was some time (6 days) ago, she wanted to know if I had considered adding the website to my blog, and if there was a way she could make that easier for me. Maybe she'd like to guest post? I am pretty sure I have to respond, as closing my eyes waiting for her to go away did not work. (Oh, hi there you if you're here. I am talking about a completely different weird email I received.) I am not terribly interested in doing free advertising for a national chain, am I? 10% off for an online purchase does not compute as compensation in my little world. Is it just me? I could barter. I have a floor that needs mopping...seriously, it is the only thing left on my to-do list for this week!

Where's that Stacy with her bottle of wine? Ah, there she is!
Let's go see what she has going on!


  1. That is hilarious! I hate it when someone parks their shopping cart right next to my door when I am ready to get out! Or right behind me when I am ready to pull out! And they never even notice or don't care or are just really stupid.

  2. I KNEW that the Zombies were up to no good!! Noooooooo, discoooooooooooooo!!! And apparently, they are bringing back the mullet too..:)

  3. You have integrity! I wouldn't sell out for less than a free non-clearanced bra! Standards, you see! Your blog has standards! And I remain in complete awe of your ability to find humor EVERYWHERE. You have a gift, my friend.

    1. True, no matter how low, I do have standards!!! I didn't look as hard for the humor before I started this blog I don't think. Thank you!

  4. That disco zombie is from the game Plants vs. Zombies! I do not remember the Solid Gold dancers being in the game, however. Perhaps in an upgraded version?

    I think that you should take the store lady up on her bra offer, if only for the free publicity. Think about it--an entire new round of fans to cheer you on!

    Don't forget about me, though...

  5. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be ordering a bra from a link on your page, unless...

    1. I find a killer video on You Tube called "The Bra Bomb."

    2. I bought one for my Uncle Jerry who has some massive breatesisesis.

    3. I could use it as bait to lure a poor unsuspecting gal into my lair for a couple of cups.


  6. Love this post. I hate when I get trapped in the car it sucks because the person that has you trapped is always slow as hell. OK and the bra people need to take a hike I love when major companies want you to advertise on your blog for a 10 percent coupon give me a break.

  7. You always do great random. I once did a post ranting about the HORRIBLE customer/repair service from Sears, and got several very nice comments from "Brian at Sears". Apparently, they had some poor kid in a cubicle whose job was to troll the internet for people complaining about them!

    1. I can't even imagine the depths they had to troll to to find my little old post!

  8. I get people all the time asking if they can guest post for one thing or another. I make it very clear--I make no money from blogging nor will I endorse anything. Unless its a condo in Sanibel or Captiva. Then I'm all ears.

  9. Zombies sporting mullets and dancing disco would be a very scary sight! :)

    The bra company only offered you a measly 10% coupon? Yeah, I'd pass on their request, too.

    I wonder how that whole chair evacuation contraption would actually work - seems like it'd make evacuation a little more dicey! :)