Thursday, September 20, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 28

Fresh fruits and veggies make me happy, especially when they are free! I got to forage in three different gardens this past week, with permission of course. Luckily, I brought my camera along for the last one.

I was so impressed by the strength of the vines that held these pumpkins up off the ground.

After recently meeting a tomatillo for the first time, I was happy to see these little guys growing.I will be even happier when they are ready!

A classic butternut squash, but the color of the stem told us it wasn't quite ready to come off the vine.

A little vignette of dark green that I threw together. Those zucchini were hidden, and went undetected, thereby growing enormous. The curly one made me happy, as you know how I like produce oddities.

The perfection in shape and color of this little pumpkin made me happy. The oregano is trying to move in to make friends.

These jalapenos look completely different than others I have seen, but I saw the plant tag there with my own eyes.

It made me happy that my daughter and her friend were interested in our harvesting outing. They were clicking away taking photos on their phones. Here they are checking out the grapes.

I was happy that I noticed my daughter's friend taking a picture of this rose. Isn't it a beauty? Hope it makes you happy!

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  1. Awesome pictures, Andrea! There is nothing better than fresh fruit and veggies straight from the garden! Love the smell!!!

  2. I'm jonesing for a fresh-from-the-garden tomato right about now. Who are these people that grow things? And why don't they live near me??

    1. Get yourself one of those fabulous tomato plants in a planter next year...or plan a visit to Central New york (although you'd probably pass a farm or thrirty before you got all the way here!)

  3. GORGEOUS! It's the best time of the least until Christmas! ;)

  4. What a gorgeous pumpkin!! Except now I am hungry...

  5. Great pics and this looks like my dads backyard. Being the good Italian I have grown up with fresh veggies and spices in my backyard. He has been doing organic farming for the last 20 years. I used to hate having to go to the compost used to drive me crazy now that I am older I totally appreciate it. I have my own Whole Foods at my pops house.

  6. WOW! Awesome job! They all so very healthy and cared for. LOVE the rose too. Beautiful!

  7. Awesome! Although it would have been slightly more exciting if you went foraging without permission. ;)