Tuesday, September 11, 2012


My daughter had to ask an adult some questions about 9/11 as part of her social studies homework. There were some nuts and bolts about the where and when. Then came a question that asked who the heroes were that day. I was already concerned that I might not have given the answers that her teacher was looking for, but decided to keep winging it. I answered that the firefighters and police were, but that anyone who lent a hand and tried to help was also a hero.

Here is my 9/11 post from 2010

I guess with the election this year and all that we will go back to business as usual as a country divided tomorrow...rats.


  1. Yes, 9/11 was when so many 'ordinary' people found the hero within themselves. Extraordinary.

  2. I still can't watch any of the footage without weeping. I grew up about 30 minutes outside the city, the sorrow watching from Arizona was overwhelming.

  3. I struggle so much with the 9/11 stuff. I wish I didn't. My kids are still so tiny, they don't get it. They'll grow up knowing it like I knew Vietnam--the thing my parents lived through.

    9/12 was the day I'm most interested in. It felt like when the girl who hated you in middle school suddenly, for a day at least, wants to be your best friend. It's a powerful thing, and I wish like hell we'd found a way to hang onto it.


  4. WE do my birthday on 9/11. Yeah, that's my birthday so we managed to deflect a lot of it. I still can't watch anything on it though.