Saturday, September 1, 2012

Play fair

It's that time of year again, where out of a sense of joy and wonder, or simply a feeling of obligation, thousands flock to...
Our first stop was the Dairy building for some chocolate milk,
and to see the butter sculpture. However, our view of this...
Toast please
was very quickly eclipsed by our view of this...
Extra points for the Mother Mullet, even though the party in the back is fairly tame.
Sadly, we could not find the mullet count board this year, so here is a look at last year's...
This was day six out of twelve.

Moving on to the Horticulture building where we got our honey samples and maple cotton candy taste on. I am always in awe of the competitions that take place.
Not sure if this was an award winning Truffula tree, or if it was inhabited by Whos, but it was Seusstastical either way!
I was able to resist this invitation at 11:00 a.m.
The questionable spelling made us ponder what sort of MEEAT they used.

Moving on to the animal buildings where covering our noses to block some of the smell wasn't our only display of maturity. We seriously watched him nearly trip over that thing...
Lady, eyes up here
 I pretended not to consider the possibility that the goat's head was really stuck, but the woman behind me seemed troubled by our lack of concern.
 I was hoping waiting for this Angora to go all killer rabbit on the guy hacking trimming his hair.

 Oh yes, the moment someone was waiting for...
Chocolate covered bacon was a hit (with those who tried it anyway).
Decent reviews for the Porkabello Kabob (gouda stuffed mushrooms wrapped in bacon on a stick).
But alas, the moment he was really waiting for...the Kahuna Dog!
Reports were that the maple glaze really complimented the bacon wrapped hot dog on a doughnut.
Sadly, I was feeling a bit under the weather, so didn't take any risks with Fair fare. My treat consumption was limited to applesauce, one bite of fried dough and a dinner roll, which is why there are no first hand accounts of euphoric tastebuds. The candy apple I brought home was yummy though.

The boy actually returned to the Fair two more times, leading me to wonder if he really was my son, but the pictures he took reassured me (*sniff*, so proud).  Maybe I can get him to share his Fair!


  1. LOL the mullet count board....are you serious? *really* OMG.....

    I am laughing so hard I can't see to type!!!

    It looks like fun....but chocolate covered bacon scares me....

  2. OMG. Too funny! I can't believe you passed up the kahuna.....a little disappointed ;)

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! I love the truffla tree - very cool! We have a butter sculpture at our state fair too, but it is always a cow. The mullet board is hilarious!

  4. This is great - loved the sheep comments and the questionable 'meeat'. I'm with you - I'd be abstaining from that as well.

    Fun post and makes me want our fair to hurry up and get here!

  5. I am so very sad that you did not get to try the majesty that must have been that Kahuna Dog! Such a tragedy. I was waiting for a taste bud by taste bud account of the wonder of that thing. Maybe your son can do a guest post recap.

    I went to our state fair this evening. Except for almost getting electricuted on the Ferris wheel and it being so humid that my clothing was sticking to me and the bottom of my hair was soaked, it was good times. And I tried a new fried thing that I will reveal in a post. I DID NOT try the fried bubble gum. Neither my son nor I thought that sounded anything less that vile.

  6. Oh my god - this was a riot. I feel like I was there, mullet & all. They should hire you to cover the State Fair next year because now I want to go (googling drive time now...).

  7. Awwww! The food is the best part! I am sad that you weren't able to try any. The one time my friends and I made it to the State Fair, we ate our way from one end to the other. We were so busy eating that we didn't even notice if there were mullets! We paid for it the next day, of course, and the day after that, but it was lovely while it lasted.

    P.S. This year, our State Fair has...fried cactus. I am so disappointed!

  8. I used to love going to 'Cuse for the fair! I used to head to the (Native American now?) Indian Village and buy beaded jewelry. I would save my allowance and babysitting money for nearly the whole summer to get fair souveniers.

  9. I NEVER go to the fair! Deep fried foods and mullets scare me :-) You had me laughing though!