Wednesday, September 26, 2012

52 Weeks of Happiness - Week 29

Remember how my trip to the apple orchard this year suffered a slight ding when the Fritter Shack was closed? Well, it made me very happy this week when my husband came home with a bag of STILL WARM fritters!
It is funny to think of how hot those delights usually are as we try to eat them on the spot, considering the ride home was over a half hour. 

He had been refereeing a football game a few miles down the road from the orchard. To make his trip worthwhile though, he bought more fritters than the three I would typically get for my son and I to share. Yes, I used poor judgement in just how many of them I ate, which was on top of the poor judgement I used while stuffing chocolate in my face before my surprise arrived. Oh, but I was still happy...make no mistake! I was happy again the next morning when I reheated the two leftovers in the toaster.

I was also happy to be thought of, I must admit!

Thanks Leigh for hosting the happy every week!


  1. Mmmm, warm fritters! Hubby deserves a reward for that treat.

  2. Oh yum. I would've eaten half dozen. My cholesterol would have probably dropped another 6 points or so.

    1. Probably, and you might not have needed antacids either! ;)

  3. MMMMMM...fritters!!! I would have eaten them all, if left unattended. I might even feel guilty about it!