Tuesday, October 4, 2016

random redirected

At the risk of causing his majesty to be even more disgruntled than usual, I apologize for a lack of Foz last Friday. While he insists on blaming me for his absence, I am pretty sure he was too busy strutting around here, being super showy about the fact that he went to college.
I suppose he earned a few credits.

As far as Tuesdays go, I thought we might all need a little more time to recover from last week's creepy monkey offering, so I was planning to keep the random light. My coupon clipping was done without incident or terror. In fact, I was conjuring a tale about baked potatoes. Oh, don't worry, we'll get to that another time. What could possibly interrupt something so spud-facular  causing me to seek out moral support? Why would I need that? Well, because our trip to Target this afternoon had this...
Back off Baby Cuddles. Back. Off.


  1. Did Foz love college? What did he do??? It looks like he visited the dorm. :)

  2. I bet Foz was a hit with the ladies! Handsome fella!

  3. Baby Cuddles scares me. Can you imagine going to bed and hugging that creature? I'd cry like a six year old if that thing were in my hands. Foz, what's your major?


  4. Yay, Foz! I'm sure you got all A's. Ok, that whatever-it-is baby cuddles thing is kinda scary. Umm....

  5. Why do the eyes have to be so big????